Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Plea to Mantri's Residents Association

An article in The Hindu speaks of 'Parampara', an outfit that distributes free tulsi saplings for planting in apartment complexes, prompts me to refer to an earlier post in this blog - 'How about tulsi, Mr James ?' - appealing to Mantri's landscape architect to consider 'tulsi' for ornamental and hedge planting in common area of our complex.
If these plants now found in Mantri's landscape have any use other than ornamental,I would like to be educated. Besides, they must have paid quite a sum to the nursery for buying these hedge plants. Parampara has been distributing tulsi saplings free as part of their ongoing drive, for planting in schools, commercial places and apartment complexes.(Details from 9840324158/ 24991516).
Tulsi is worshiped in Hindu households. And,to quote from The Hindu,'tulsi works as effective cough remedy; and because of its aromatic oil content, it's a microbicidal and anti-viral agent that wards off insects; due to its ursolic acid content, it's a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents ageing and counters the effect of stress'. It is easy to grow, doesn't require much space. And the Krishna tulsi (Ocimum gratissimum), a shrub-like, long-living variety, has maximum medicinal value.
To revert to my plea to our landscape architect, we haven't had any response from Mr Sekar James. However, someone from his office (Mr Prabhakaran) phoned me acknowledging our e-mail, and saying he would meet us for discussion. This was in mid-October. And there has since been no further communication from him or Mr James.
Now that we have a residents association in the works, our working committee could consider taking up the matter. Should they decide to take it from here, I would be happy to forward to the committee my e-mail to Mr Sekar James.

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