Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garbage dump at Mantri roadfront on OMR

Pile-up in front of Mantri, OMR ,  photo-ed on April 10     
Padur panchayat which is nowadays on a collection spree - collecting property tax from apartment owners in Mantri and Rosedale, X S Real and other neighbourhood  communties - could be persuaded to clear garbage that is piling up on roadside, right in front of Mantri Synergy.. The trash dump is getting higher, and wider by the day. And if we don't put our hands to it  together - panchayat and apartment residents in Mantri and Rosedale - to clear the roadside pile-up without further delay, we would have at Mantri road-front  a regular dump serving the entire enighbourhood..
You would have read in the paper today that at Pallavaram the municipality they dump garbage at Ganapathypuram (around 'Periyrei'); Tambaram  civic body dump their waste at Kannadapalyam.. Alandur's garbage gets dumped at Pallikarani on Velachery Main Road.
Where does Padur panchayat dump its stuff ? We hope they don't convert the roadside in front of Mantri's  into a neighbourhood dumping yard .


  1. We at Mantry have no moral right to comment on this when we are the whole night for the last 20 days have been flooding the IT HIGHWAY with sewage water and polluting the whole road stretch from Hindusatan University to Jains site

    1. I wish the person had shown moral courage to identify him/herself, if only because his charge, though legitimate, would have the force of advocacy.What one advocates is as important as the identity of person who advocates it.
      It is nobody's case that we, at Mantri's, have not contributed to the mess. The point is, it is time we did something before the spot across our road becomes an established neighbourhood dumping ground.
      Incidentally, we could do with volunteers among residents - from Mantri, Rosedale, Hindustan University - who are willing to work with panchayat staff in cleaning up the mess that we have created.

    2. Mantri resident Umapathy Sivanesan, who left comment as 'Anonymous', says he is unfamiliar with the procedure for opting one's identify, by opening the drop-down tab at the bottom of the comment window. You could opt your sign-out name from your Google, Live Journal, WordPress, or other accounts.
      Mr Sivanesan could benefit from Mantri residents who have volunteered to teach those of us who are not fully familiar with Internet/computer usage - see 'Discussion' topic - Needed: Volunteers to teach seniors - in