Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Renewal of Maintenance Charges by PropCare

So, after much apprehension, the shocker is finally here. Propcare has mailed the residents about the renewal of maintenance charges. Few points from the mail that will surely be of interest to everybody:

1. Maintenance Charge of Rs. 2.66 per Sq ft per Month, excluding water and DG expenses inside the flats.
2. Water/DG Expenses is proposed to be collected at Rs. 1.52 paisa per sq ft per month.
3. Service tax will be applicable on the above amount.

4. The amount needs to be paid in advance for the whole year. The bill will be raised on 1st of April, 2012 and has to be paid within 7 days..failing which would result in 15% interest p.a.

This is what happens when you don't have a Resident's Welfare Association in place. Despite repeated blog-posts and discussions no one was interested to negotiate with Propcare regarding the maintenance charges. I believe after receiving today's mail, no one still is in doubt about the date when the contract for maintenance ends! Right now the ad-hoc committee has stepped down (I came to know about it from this very mail) and the new association is still to be formed. It seems everybody in here is just too eager to spend their hard earned money! Good luck to us!


  1. I got my flat only on November 14th 2011. And I paid an year's maintenance charges before completing the formalities. What happened to that money? This is sick.

    1. Have heard of others who were billed for only the operative part (calculated from possession date) of the financial year ending March 2012. And some flat owners, I understand, have their maintenance bill accounted for as much as three years. But these cases, I believe, are exceptions where Mantri's had accounts to settle with individual flat-owners.
      In our case (D block) the possession letter said our maintenance clock started ticking from Apl.1, 2011. We moved in in the third-week of the month.

    2. No, GVK. This is what happens when near sighted residents start commenting online that ad-hoc Committee's ONLY task is to register the association and start writing performance appraisals and obits of this voluntary team.Not to mention playing 'divide and rule' game with the current committee. It's not too late to repair this. At least I hope we all learn, introspect, respect and trust one another from now on instead of playing Amartya Sen's "Argumentative Indian" role to perfection. Here is my edict, if you like: The ad-hoc committee shall continue to operate, work for the greater common good of members and ensure a smooth, efficient hand over to the duly elected committee. I expect my fellow members not challenge their authority to do whatever is needed in this regard unless they have clear evidence of wrong doing. As for April 1 date, let us please not chase ghosts and conspiracy theories. The Societies Act requires 21 days notice to be given for any AGM, else the AGM is legally null and void.

    3. No, to what, Krish ? Can't think of anything I wrote that should have evoked the observations made above.
      Anyway,the points you raised merit attention, and introspection. Would suggest you post this as topic of discussion in the proposed Mantri Synergy residents site.

    4. No to the hypothesis that we don't have a residents association. We have. In a temporary format. They could have, with the right support, played the role of the Constituent Assembly. We limited their scope and they, a little unwisely, reacted. Nothing you wrote sir, but the posts over the last couple of weeks were not well thought out, I felt. No matter. Let this play out its course. In the meantime, i continue to be blocked from accessing Common Floor. And would the person writing on behalf of Mantri Synergite stand up and be identified,please? Anonymity is not a leadership virtue.


    5. @Krish: Even I thought we had a temporary residents' association-the 'ad-hoc' committee..however the PropCare mail regarding these maintenance charge et all said that they've 'stepped down'! As it is we never get to know about their activities-so I was under the impression that the committee doesn't exist anymore. Apologies for any wrong assumption that I've made.

    6. Went through our posts - ad hoc committee related - over three weeks, in view of feelings expressed by Krish. I generally refrain from impulsive posts. Give them much thought before I put them out online.
      March 1 - 'Mantri to raise maintenance rate'. My point was to evoke response from fellow citizens, notably, ad hoc committee, as to how we can cope with this possibility. This was three weeks back.
      March 6 - Electable members. This was prompted by CommonFloor post, relating to the tasks on hand - AGM, possible election. Ad hoc committee was then staying silent on such issues.
      March 11 - Mantri Association AGM - Which referred to secretary's announcement.
      March 16 - Let's go for election - this post was in reaction to ad hoc committee announcement
      Maybe, I failed in furthering a meaningful discourse on issues of common concern (not just that of ad hoc committee). And would be dishonest not to admit my feeling of hurt at the charge that such posts were 'not well thought out'.

    7. @GVK: Uncle, I don't think you should feel bad about certain comments. In fact you should be proud that you are running this forum alone and bringing the issues of common concern in front of everybody where most of us refrain from being vocal about our concerns and opinions.

    8. GVK & Madhumita,
      I was not referring to anything either of you posted. But please refer to the comment by AR on Mar 10, at 1032 pm. The adjectives used to describe the ad-hoc Committee ranged from 'callous' to 'incompetent' and 'inefficient'. I too feel frustrated with Mantri's after sales service. But to resort to such strong language about a voluntary team off neighbors is not good decorum. And another comment giving credit only to select committee members for their efforts at registering may be well intended but tactless. We need to work as one unit and negotiate with one voice with Mantri.
      My apologies if I hurt you with what I said. I am very respectful and admiring of your efforts at bringing people's views to the table. All I am stating is that comments set off reactions and we need to therefore moderate them so that desired outcomes are achieved.

    9. Madhumita,
      I agree about car park slots. Most builders try to pull a fast one like this and we need to resist it. About Clubhouse consuming most energy resource, I have my doubts. The apartments where I currently stay, I made a study some years ago. Turns out 70% of electric energy is consumed in pumping water up to all apartments. 20% goes for lifts. 7% for common lights ( less if it is CFL) and rest for miscl.

    10. Even here in Mantri we need to have a similar audit. It will be really nice if someone experienced like you can come forward and do that voluntarily so that we can have accurate calculations in hand. Btw, the points I mentioned are not mine but excerpts from different mails in Commonfloor regarding this issue.

    11. Krish's point about energy audit assumes urgency, in view chronic power shortage - 8 or more hours a day. On conservation of energy, we could examine if we can restrict flood-lighting play area to alternate days, instead of daily; not using AC at clubhouse gym till 8 or 9 in the morning, nowadays, when we get good cross ventilation, if we keep windows open. (Of course, this issue has to be endorsed by majority of clubhouse/play area users)
      We could also initiate a concept of household energy audit to conserve power in our apartments, particularly when we are on back-up power. Would like to refer here to some relevant posts from 'Giving It A Shot' - http://gvk-givingitashot.blogspot.in/search?q=household+energy+audit

  2. Hi All,

    Even I got this email from propcare. This is really shocking and the rate they have mentioned is UNACCEPTABLE. I think we are blindly depend on propcare in this and I dont think the amount thay have mentioned will be realistic.
    They have mentioned about power cur of 8 hours these days. But will this be the same througought the year? Also if anyone knows a friend or relative who are living in such a big cummunity like our Mantri Synergy , appreaciaye you to get the inputs.
    I will be defeinitely attending the April 1st association meeting. Request all others to participate in this and negotiate and fix realistic price with Propcare or even we can outsource to any other vendor. Why only to rely on propcare?
    Also giving maintenance amount for the whole year is foolish.


  3. While the introspection and analysis about the ad-hoc committee or the proposed committeee and whatever can continue, I would like to quote some issues raised by fellow residents in the Commonfloor mails:

    -Mantri never planned, never submitted neither got the approval for a plan comprising a minimum of 200 open parking slots. The amount paid to Mantri by the fellow residents opted for the same comes around 250 L INR. The calculation of common area is too complicated for us to understand effect of the same in our UDS. Will it be worth to investigate to decide to whom this amount belongs as per law i.e Mantri or Association on their behalf of All the Residents? (The case is same for roof space)

    -A substantial amount of power consumption (From Diesel genset as well as EB) is being used by the club house as well as play ground area. Also noted that the users of both the facilities are mainly the students of near by colleges, who are tenants. The number of them is increasing day bay day due to (1) free access to all amenities (2) proximity to their colleges. No need to mention the way the facilities are being handled by them and the damages going to be made by virtue of hexavalent teenage glycerides in their blood. All of us has gone through the phase in our life and we all know the effect of the same as well as the medicine, which is nothing but control. So, will it be worth to implement control mechanism like,

    -No access to club house. (Tenants as a whole)
    -Additional charges for accessing. à (Maintenance/replacement cost of equipments is to actuals as per contract with Propcare)

    -Agreement contract between a resident with mantri is different from time to time and phase to phase. One of the key point is that MANTRI has given possession to many C Block owners recently i.e during 2012. As per agreement “the maintenance charge is 25 Rs./sq.ft for a period of one year after possession/completion of apartment” but they have collected it only up to March 2012. Shouldn’t be there a liability from Mantri for maintaining the rates firm for one more year, hence the question who are and how can Propcare propose such an increase in maintenance cost to us, instead it should be directed to Mantri.

    -Serious doubts are being raised on the figures, based on which Propcare has proposed new rates. The expenditures by Propcare for the year 2011-12 on our account worth a thorough audit verification to make sure it is and for the maintenance of facility alone.

  4. AGM is over and it was very satisfying to witness an unanimous acceptance of new committee through a cordially conducted, wisely debated and systematically organised meeting.

    Let’s all render our support unconditionally to the officially elected committee. Another meeting is called on 22nd April to discuss various matters.

    I am sure the new committee will take a note of all points raised by Madumidha and update us by then…

    1. I endorse Shine's suggestion. And let us each, in our limited way, help the managing committee with our input, by way of info. Now we have a Mantri Synergy site with Discussion Forum, where we can take up specifics such as energy audit, claims to be made on Mantri's, take-over procedures, warranty on equipment such as generators, STP, waste disposal strategy, usage of facilities offered in clubhouse - health parlor, steam-bath, billiards etc.