Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mantri residents association: Electable members

My friend Arvind Rajgopaul (H-1104-05) in a CommonFloor post said an elected managing committee of Mantri's apartment owners association would replace the present ad hoc panel when the general body meets later this month. He suggests the association members should know who the candidates are, so that they can make an informed choice of managing committee members on election date.
The question that is very much up in the air is whether the ad hoc committee can mobilize a majority at the general body, to ratify its members to the management committee, without having to invite fresh nominations. If election becomes inevitable, the proposed AGM would fix a date, and indentify a returning officer to conduct election.
As of now, the ad hoc committee has yet to announce its decision to hold AGM on March 18. Now that they have the certification of registration in hand (got it today)the core committee can no longer withhold announcement of AGM and its agenda - 1) general body approval of the association by-laws; and 2)notification of the date of election to the management committee. Presumably,there is a time-line (45 days from the association registration) within which the election has to be held, that is by April 7.
PropCare, which has till date helped eight apartments associations (all of them in Bangalore) to conduct their first election, have a standard operating procedure. They have standardised formats for election notification,filing of nominations, acceptance of proxy forms from apartment owners deputing a nominee to cast their vote.
Prolonged silence on the part of the ad hoc committee could be misread as a ploy for it to seek AGM ratification, without having to invite fresh nominations for the association management committee. It does not appear that apartment owners seeking to serve the association would be queuing up to file nominations to the management committee.If anything, a few in the present committee are believed to have have expressed unwillingness to continue.
Their lack of enthusiasm is understandable, considering the challenges the Mantri Association would have to face in the coming weeks and months.Our concern is whether the present ad hoc set-up, if elected, can 1) articulate our common concerns and face up to the tasks ahead; and 2)to carry with them a critical mass of association members.
Individually, everyone in the ad hoc committee is driven by community spirit, willingness to sacrifice time and energy for the community good and the desire to make Mantri Synergy a nice and companionable place to live in. But as a collective entity the ad hoc committee cannot be said to have come up to expectations of association members.Style of functioning of some has not helped the committee to project a cohesive image. Effective decision-making hasn't been their strong point. Lack of transparency has been an issue.
On a positive note, the ad hoc committee includes quite a few public-spirited members who would be an asset to the proposed managing committee. Mr Rajgopaul his CommonFloor post names those who stood out in his reckoning. M/s. Vasudevan, Krishna, Jagadeesh, Ramkumar, Venkatesh are few names which come readily to mind, wrote Mr Rajgopaul. I can't agree more with him ; and I have a few names to add to our nominations list - Ujjal, Santhose, Sunil, Harinarayan, Deepa Mukherjee, Madhumita Mohanty and Jayanti (who wants to move the RTI on Mantri's power grid issue).
Now that we are into naming names, why not start a democratic process of suggesting online persons that apartment owners believe would do well in our management committee. Maybe, this is not the way our core committee would want to go about it. We, as association members, are only doing some loud thinking in regard to suitable candidates,if only to initiate a discussion before AGM. Whether those named would agree to be considered for the association management committee is quite another matter.
PropCare format - election notification
Nomination form
Proxy form

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  1. There are many issues that remain with the residents which needs to be resolved. Before the meeting actually takes place, the committee members should collect and collate the issues and then discuss them in the meeting. Or else, the meeting will end in a chaos with no end results achieved.