Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chaat corner or car park ?

Is there anyway to ensure Mantri's do not convert the space in front of the clubhouse store into car-park slots, as they have done along the driveway. To preempt any such move our newly formed residents reps. should e-mail Mantri top brass saying, Mantri Synergy owners association should be consulted before project team makes any fresh move on common area use.
The space was initially set up by Mantri's as 'children play area'. This was much too cramped; there was no seating space for moms escorting kids. And, the Mantri designated space for children play area was too close to the gas bank. Following sustained representation by some residents Mantri's shifted children play area to its present location. Mantri project team hasn't shared its plan with us for using the vacated space close to grocery stores.
We floated an idea in this blog (see post) that the space in front of club-house stores (we have a ramp coming up there) be set aside for 'food enclosure', where we could have a chaat/samosa shop and ice-cream stall functioning in the evenings.
I understand Mr Krishna (F-Block) and Mr Vasudevan (B- block) explored Kelambakkam area to identify a suitable eatery owner who can be persuaded to set up a chaat corner close to the stores, say between 6 and 9 p m, daily. Besides chaat varieties, I believe, this person sells take-home chapati/sabzi at reasonable rates.
Would someone start a chaat-shop talk in 'Discussion Forum' at Residents Inc to mobilize critical support for in-house chaat-shop close to clubhouse stores.

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