Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mantri Association AGM

First General Body Meeting (After the process of registration of the Association) is scheduled for Sunday, April 1, at 11:00 am in the club house.
1.Enrollment of owners of the flat as members of the association (The process of enrollment will start at 9:00am on 01.04.2012). The flat owners are requested to bring the proof of ownership for the flat to be enclosed with the enrolment form. Those who are not in the position to attend the meeting in person can authorize any of his blood relations to attend on his behalf or proxy to a person in writing to attend the meeting on their behalf.
2.To elect or select a set of office bearers to the association. If there are more than one contestant for any post election process will be held by secret ballet. The election process to be held, if any, will be held by a body other than the residents (i.e. by Propcare in the present juncture).
3.To adopt the bylaws and the MOA without any changes. Any change/modification can be taken up at the next General Body Meeting, which will be called for by the elected office bearers.
Ad hoc committee secretary, Mr.Ardhendu Chakraborti, has e-mailed AGM announcement to all Mantri Synergy flat owners.


  1. As I understand, the newly elected committee members are expected to negotiate and sign a contract with Propcare for the maintenance of Mantri Synergy. This has to be done before 1st of April,2012. The new contract should be operative from 1st of April,2012.I also understand that Propcare wants to increase the rate per square feet to Rs3/-, from 1st of April,2012.

    That being the case, what is the point in calling for a GBM on 1-4-12?
    Why this callousness on the part of the adhoc committee in slipping up on this matter. Why were they sleeping on this matter for so long?. Why did they not call for a GBM on 21st, instead. (The law permits a 15 days notice period in exigencies).They had more than 45 days from the day they received the registration certificate.
    This adhoc committee is answerable to all the flat owners for their inefficiency and incompetence in handling such a serious matter.
    Are they collectively responsible or is the Secretary, who decided on this.

    The adhoc committee hasn't exactly covered itself in glory on the faith imposed upon it by the members of the association.

  2. 3/- psf is on higher side - not sure if the commmitte willbe a full due diligence on the works, costing etc., prior to agreement.

    Given that the committee is formed it makes sense for all members to jointly provide inputs to make the complex a better place for all of us.