Sunday, March 4, 2012

The gym and I

Burn 60-70 calories on the treadmill. You know how to walk that. Don’t you?
Being fat is not a big deal. If people say or make fun of you, let them, who cares? But if someone inside you accuses you of being a lazy ass, then you gotta listen to that. You have to move on.

As I read this I reckoned this was me. Have been on the bulky side for far too long, for too many decades. I counted myself in the incorrigible category. Besides, it was matter of mindset. When people used to ask why I didn't try to shed weight, I quipped, 'how slim can an elephant get ?'
Then I moved to Mantri's. Where the clubhouse came with the turf, and a price tag - Rs.1 lakh for so-called life membership. That was when I discovered the gym, thanks to Mr Ardendhu Chakaraborti (F block). You know, he was once a regular at the gym ? And he is the one who initiated me into gym-going. Earlier,I had this feeling that gym was for the young and the athletic, not for basket cases such as yours truly.
I am now a regular,at our clubhouse gym. Try to make it there four days a week. I am 73.
Incidentally,the quote that prompted me to write on 'the gym and I' is from Shalini Jena's blogpost, Finally hit the gym

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