Monday, March 5, 2012

Residents Question (RQ): Why, only Airtel TV ?

Someone who moved in recently at F Block wants to know why we have access only Airtel TV channel at Mantri Synergy . She says the cable TV network available elsewhere in the city costs only Rs.150 monthly. Her point is that Mantri Synergy residents should have options.
(Residents at Mantri Synergy,and those in emerging residential communities elsewhere on OMR are welcome to post questions online)


  1. We had the same issue three years back when we moved in when our builder allowed only BSNL Broadband and TataSky DTH. The reason for allowing one vendor is to make things easier from an administration standpoint... For the TataSky they had a master Dish installed and feeds were distributed to individual households from there.

    But then, BSNL support turned sour and people moving in started having their own preferences and eventually exceptions had to be made. Today, DTH is the choice of the individual, with the rule that the cabling has to be internally wired.

    I moved from BSNL to Airtel for Broadband and Airtel DTH from the beginning. It should be more to do with how the wiring has been done and how flexible it is to allow different vendors to enable access to respective households.(With DTH, that shouldn't be an issue with the dish being independent for every connection)

    I stay in Arihant @ OMR.

  2. I think we have a similar situation when it comes to Broadband connections...Why only BSNL?
    I feel private service providers for broadband give better(if not best) service.

  3. When we confirmed to rent our Apt in Synegey a a few Weeks ago, we renewed our yearly tata sky account. When meeting with prop care, we were told we cannot use or tata sky and only Airtel was avail. We were very upset with the monopoly of being forced to use one company. Not only have I lost my 8k for tata sky, now I have to pay 12k for Airtel, and I have to say, been trying to get service started for 6 days now and I am really annoyed with Airtel's lack of customer service! BSNL is a whole other story. :-(

  4. I believe what @Somu has commented is right-only one vendor is chosen so that everybody can make use of the internal wirings. In case we have several vendors providing services, everybody will not be able to make use of the existent wirings (I don't think they are that flexible) and new wirings will have to be done, and definitely they will not be concealed and will be visible. From the teachnical ease and aesthetic point of view, having a single vendor is convenient.