Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Talking of trash cans

In San Ramon CA Wednesday is the garbage day; that is when the garbage truck makes weekly visits to empty trash carts placed in front of every house. The plastic garbage bins, of which Ms Anuradha Nair (D-1201) wrote in Common Floor, are compact, easy to move, and they withstand the battering by the disposal staff.
Ms Nair, in her CommonFloor post, said:
Mantri could invest in heavy-duty plastic receptacles used for the purpose of garbage collection, and put one (or two) on each floor so that the residents themselves can go and deposit their garbage into these bins neatly. Such bins come with a fitted lid so as to ensure that rodents etc do not get in, and smells do not get out.
These bins could be emptied into larger collection bins which are on wheels, which the cleaners could easily maneuver from floor to floor.
Being made of heavy duty plastic material, these receptacles could be cleaned easily
The larger bins on rollers are also fitted with lids so that they can be rolled into the lifts without the problem of smells/leakages arising
We could also think of placing such trash cans at strategic spots in the common space to discourage people from throwing trash in public.


  1. Thank you Mr Krishnan for posting these photos of the bins I had referred to in my CommonFloor post. The first photo is of a heavy-duty plastic bin which I thought would be ideal for the cleaners to take from floor to floor and collecting the waste from smaller bins.

    As you can see the smaller ones pictured in your second photo are not completely lidded, and using such bins for our purpose might lead to problems of smells, rodents etc.. There are however other similar ones with fitted lids which we could consider. These i'm sure are available in Chennai as I have seen them being used.

  2. The bins in the second photo are fixtures I found placed in a neighbourhood park. These containers hold plastic garbage bag that is removed for disposal when the bag gets filled. The emptied container is then replaced with another garbage bag. This bin is essentially for collecting bits and pieces of paper, plastic bottles and containers people throw away on public space, sidewalks or elevator lobby.

  3. Dear Ms Nair

    Excellent suggestion. Sintex have these bins & PropCare can source them. But then, it remains to be seen how receptive they are in accepting our suggestions leave alone implementing them. Perhaps, it is time we residents gather for the First Official Meeting of Synergy Residents & record the minutes of the meeting & send a copy of this to Mantri & PropCare chiefs for their consideration. Mr GVK is expected back in India soon & perhaps we can convene this meeting on a week-end evening & bring about some good changes to attitudes & the place we live in so that everyone benefits. Thank you for this wonderful suggestion, once again. Regards, Sriraj D 1202.

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