Monday, August 29, 2011

'Dunston Checks in' the Clubhouse

First of our Mantri community film shows for children(Aug.27) was a moderate success, with a turnout of seven children and at least as many adults.The two-hour show featured Dunston Checks In a full length feature, and Baby Einstein, a 30-minute episode in a Walt Disney series made for children up to the age of three.
It wasn't however such a hit with elder children who go for action and a storyline. Baby Einstein is all images, music and rich colours that appeal to infants and toddlers. Three-month old Aadit watched with eye-popping delight, according to grandpa Mr Ardhendu Chakraborti.
At Clubhouse I could see Mr Ram Kumar's three-year old daughter parked on her mother's lap, getting excited about the colours and swift changing images in Baby Einstein.I can't say the same for the elder children.Their thrill was in watching Dunston in action.But then there were moments when even the monkey antics couldn't hold the children's attention. That was when Mr Saurav Mukherjee, conducting the proceedings, stepped in with packets of chips, so thoughtfully provided by Mr Sivaram of PropCare.
It was a promising start, of what we believe, can be made a regular weekend feature. The August 27 children show could have done with more publicity. Besides, poor approach to the clubhouse could have been a reason that held back some residents.Lack of proper lighting made movement to the clubhouse a challenge. We made our way back home after show (9.15 p m) with the help of Mr Ram Kumar who followed us in his car,with its headlights guiding us through the mud and slush on the Clubhouse road.
The clubhouse could do with a proper notice board. The scribbled show announcement scotch-taped to a wall at the clubhouse lobby, was put up only on the morning of the show. With increased readership of OMR Resident and better social networking we hope to have a wider reach among the Mantri residents community in the coming weeks.

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  1. Shame on PropCare of Synergy for not even having the courtesy to inform that they cannot throw a few bricks that were around for easy access. If they had expressed their inability (merely due to their attitude), I would have walked down & laid the stones myself for parents & kids to see the first show. Perhaps, the time has come for us all to take-over the proceedings at OUR residential complex. Shame on PropCare & their Vendors & perhaps the Vendor`s Vendors. Sriraj - D 1202