Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mantri Synergy 2 Debut

Wow! This is my first Blog. Thanks to GVK & the Rest of the Gang of OMR Resident, I think I too could do my bit to alleviate, someof the issues faced by the community in a small way.
For my first entry, I would want to put up the issues faced by me over the last few days as I moved into Synergy-2 & their possible solutions. Hopefully, it would help others be forewarned and avoid the minor pitfalls.Feel free to provide your inputs to the issues as well as the tricks of the trade to get around it.
Checklist for the new Residents (Some of the specifications are for B-Block X08 series Flats only)
Part 1 :- Before Shifting
0. Contact List.
Approach Propcare. The office on the ground floor of Club-House and obtain a copy of the Whos-Who for Mantri Synergy available with Balaji.
1. Keys.
Settle the accounts with the Customer care(Jeyakannan/Saranya) and obtain the Inter-Office Memo (IOM) from them.Carry along your and your's spouse PAN-card for this.
1 Set of IOM to be provided to Prop-Care (Sivaram/Balaji). They will provide 3 sets of Keys(For a 2 BHK:- Main door (4x), Master Bedroom(3x), Bedroom(3x)). Also have a look @ the EB meter and your postal box@ the basement of the Block
2nd Set of IOM to be provided to Padmanabhan, and select your parking space
2. Electrical
a) Check all the Plugpoints have power and they are not loose. Carry your mobile charger to try it out yourself. Specifically check the 15Amp plug-points.
b) Before calling up the Split AC Installation guys, check if the existing conduit provided for the Copper tubesis @ the correct location and of the correct size. If not get the Prop-care/Engineering Team to get the core drilling done.
c) For all electrical fitting eg Heater/AC check the corresponding accessories are available with you egfor the Heater, you need 2 tubes (inlet/outlet), for the AC/Heater you need the corresponding 16 Amp 3-pin Top-Plugsd) For B-Block, The specification for the Exhaust fans used for the Bathrooms is 250mm PVC per the Engineering team. The corresponding specification to buy it from the Electrical shop is 10 inch Diameter, around 350 mm outside length/width, around 290 mm insidelength/width. This will fit into the square 300 mm gap provided for the same in the Bathroom window.
3. Plumbing.
Check all the pipes/flush works and there are no leakages especially from the commode/gun
4. Civil
a) Check the levelling in the Bathrooms/Balcony is proper by pouring water and checking if there is water stagnation anywhere.If so, get it rectified with the help of Prop-care/Engineering team.
b) Check for gaps in kitchen tiles which come above the granite table top. //This will be a nuisance with insects in the kitchenlater on
c) Check all the doors of the flat for gaps, especially @ the bottom & the sides

Part 2 :- During Shifting
5. Packing v/s Moving
If you are very particular about your stuff, if possible take the effort to do the packing on your own.If you are unable to do so, know the difference between the 2 types of service providers available in the market
Movers:- They will simply take your stuff from Location A, dump it on their vehicle and shift it to Location B.
Packers:- They will come to Location A. Pack all your belongings in boxes, use packing boards for glasses, table tops & otherdelicate items. Also after the Items are placed at Location B, They shall help you unpack it as well.Of the 2, Packers and movers are costlier then the movers (roughly double the charge of the later say for a distance of around 25 Km)Try and if possible move during the day time, since @ night, power failures is a double whammy
a) no power to the lift
b) no light to move around the corridor

Part 3: - After Shifting
6. Gas connection.
Refer to Mr. GVK's blog @
7. Toll on OMR.
Refer to Mr. GVK's blog @
8. Milk/Water.
Linganathan is the Boss for these. However, Its a challenge, if you need the milk to be delivered to your door before 7:00 am.
9. School Bus.
All the school Bus stops in front of the Mantri Gate. We can get them to come inside the gate, however, it has to be discussed afterthe Association is formed in the near future. Meanwhile, start atleast 10 minutes earlier, to account for the Lift not working/walking down the stairs and the long walk till the main gate by dragging the sleepy toddlers.
10. Television.
IPTV connection is provided. However it may take a couple of weeks before the service gets activated. If you are a SUN TV fan, then you maywant to get Airtel (Samy)
11. Last But Not the Least. WELCOME HOME :-)


  1. Appreciate your post, Mr Pravin. It's full of much-needed nitty-gritty for those moving into Mantri's. There can be value-addition to this post, if Mr Pravin could give us contact details of persons he mentions, and the facilities he refers to in his text. For instance, phone numbers of IPTV and Airtel TV persons would be helpful.

  2. This is really useful information...I would store it in my mobile before initiating my shifting to my Home :) Thanks

  3. Corporation Bank , a public sector has its branch
    next to your building complex.. It has full fledged banking facility including locker facility.. have you made use of it..The branch welcomes your suggestions to help you out in banking ...

    phone number for contact: 27474002 and 27474003

  4. ANY one from C block? we are getting our keys by next week. Is there anything in particular to look out for?
    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Revathy,
    The C - Block residence should be more careful. :-)
    Just kiddin.

    You need to check all the above. I have not yet get the keys. but waiting for it from Jan 2012. All the items mentioned in the above check list has to be verified, as i found all the above issues in my flat and informed the prop care.

    hmmmm, let us see.

    the leveling of the floor i have not yet done. i need to do.