Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Piped Gas Connection with `Gas Ramu`

After having paid Rs.12/15K towards Piped Gas connection at Synergy to Mantris, I was given a bill for Rs.800/- by Ramu, the agency retained by Mantri to get the gas going through the yellow pipes to your homes. Left with no choice but to handover a Rs.1000 bill, he gave me a receipt with no seal but had his autograph. Thinking that I would now be connected to Oman with an un-interrupted gas supply, Ramu just said `Please call me when you need the gas`. When I told him `now`, he fumed before our stoves could ! I put him down & when I insisted that I need the supply now, he said he would revert by evening. This happened on 4th June. I presume he thinks he lives in Neptune & the day has not yet dusked. The disgusting part of the whole thing is when I gave him the Rs.1000 bill, I had to insist that he pays me back Rs.200. He scratched his head & gave me back Rs.100 which had some Parachute Oil from his hair & I suppose, I should take it as he supplies oil & not gas. In the meanwhile, my stove straves for gas. Again, we are trapped with a single supplier to have our daily coffee & food. The only thing we can all do for the moment is to keep Rs.800 which is the exact amount payable for the already paid gas connection. I boil without gas. Perhaps it is the oil in the Rs 100 bill that keeps me warm/hot. Sriraj.

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  1. As for the yellow pipe that runs through your kitchen, make sure that they do a soldering job on the joints, to prevent leak. Gas Ramu's assistant, Littu from Ghorakhpur, who claims to have wired D block flats, knows where to solder, and has a sharp nose for smelling even a hint of gas leak. Have Littu (if he is still around with us) check your pipe - 9025947637. Medium of communication - bazari Hindi.