Monday, June 13, 2011

Little Drops can make a Mighty Ocean of pure water at Synergy


Our 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner turned `Varuna` producing almost 12 liters of water in its 6 hours of overnight usage. (Please see photo). Now, Please do refer to Mr GVK`s blog ( ) & note that every day during summer, we can collect :-

1400 Air Cons at Synergy x 6 hours of running (average per day) x 12 liters = 100,800 liters a day. That is nearly 10 lorry loads of water a day ! Cost per load of 10,000 liters of water is Rs.600.

Savings for our Association


Water we can produce & save : 1 Lakh liters a day

Average number of days ACs are used in a Year : 175 days

Water saved Per Annum : 175 Lakh liters of pure water

Saving Number of loads per day : 10 loads (10,000 liters lorry tanker)

Cost per load : Rs.600

Saving Costs per day for 10 loads : Rs. 6000

Saving Cost for 175 days : Rs. 6000 x 175 = Rs. 10,50,000 ( Rs.10.50 lakhs per year )

Number of apartments in Synergy : 771

Saving Per Apartment Per Annum : Rs. 1,361 per annum

Value of Saving water : Incalculable !

Satisfaction that we have done our bit to save our Environment : Immeasurable !

If we can find a solution to collect all this water that can either be used for watering our plants & trees or for our fountains (future) etc, it will be prudent to be looked into & acted upon now & pipes laid now.

I used this bucket of water to hand-wash some garments that cannot go into a washing machine. I will write to Mantri on this & see their response. In the meanwhile, please suggest anything more that can be done to save this water other than it going down the drain & eventually into the sea.

Sriraj - D 1202

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  1. I thought this was an excellent idea - 12 litres of water is an eye popping figure, and should certainly be implemented wherever possible. Thank you for this!