Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No water, erratic power supply

They switched off water to Mantri flats for over three hours last evening. Later in the evening, amid a gathering of dark clouds, power supply got erratic.The lights went off/on, off and on, and off again, and on again every other minute, till 10 p m. And then, when power supply got stabilized water taps went dry again. I didn't know when the supply was restored last night.
Mantri's claim of uninterrupted water supply and 24x7 DG power back-up came under severe test. And PropCare has some explaining to do. The residents have the right to know what went wrong, and what PropCare plans to do to ensure this doesn't happen again.
1) PropCare Balaji does call individual flats to alert residents about power/water supply disruption. But he couldn't cover all apartments last evening. Anyway, it is time they thought of putting in place a public alert system - smoke signals, town-crier, and something more in keeping with Century 21.
2) Water supply gets disrupted whenever there is power failure. For Mantri's don't provide for overhead water tanks. It's old hat, they say.
3) BSNL IPTV gets switched off, even with a split-second disruption in power supply. The TV service provider, inaptly called 'MyWay, is rather short on viewer service. It takes a couple of minutes after you switch on the set for getting the TV channels on screen. And every time power goes, even it is barely for a few moments, the set-top box takes its time to bring the screen alive. The 2-minute rigmarole for the TV screen to come alive was repeated so many times, so often, last evening that I gave up watching an on-demand movie in sheer disgust.
'MyWay' is surely not my way, can't be anyone else's way to TV entertainment. With no power back-up to keep set-top box alive, there is no knowing whether you get to watch uninterrupted, prime-time news or anything else on TV. Besides, they haven't updated their 'on-demand' movie list for several weeks now.

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