Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Plant & Party at Mantri Synergy

This is the corner where we plan to plant a couple of saplings this Saturday. The idea is to celebrate the birth of Adit to Smitha and Arya Chakarborti of F-904. Adit is the first child to have been born in Mantri Synergy. Planting a sapling is the way Mantri residents community would like to take note of and celebrate its first-born. When we proposed this to grandpa Chakraborti, he expressed a preference for a flowering tree. My wife suggested 'chenbagam'. And PropCare chief, Mr Sivaram offered to fetch the sapling. It is a community thing.
Mr Sriraj of D-1202 has volunteered to be a one-man organizing committee , among the 18 flat owners who have taken up residence at Mantri's till date. What's more, he has persuaded a friend Ms Sumathi Ravi to line up some coffee and muruku , to be served at Mr Sriraj's D Block parking lot. Mrs Ravi who is in retailing welcomes the opportunity to showcase her coffee and other items.
Planting a sapling to mark a family occasion makes it a community celebration; and gives us a pretext to plant trees. Every family can find many occasions on which they sponsor a sapling - child-birth, your child's first day at school, his/her participation in a project, success in a contest.
I have requested Mr Sivaram to get us another sapling, a neem, to be planted in celebration of the participation of a Mantri schoolboy at a 'Space camp' organised by NASA at their Huntsvile headquarters.
The saplings we plant would thus have a story to tell. And each would have family identity. The chenbagam and neem we plant this Saturday as aliases for as Adit and NASA Srinivas.
The planting is scheduled for Saturday, June 25, at 5.30 pm.

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  1. Copy-pasting a mail I got from TreeForFree, a Bangalore-based NGO to give OMR residents a sense of what others are doing elsewhere.
    On Wednesday 22nd, we have planted 300 saplings at Mr Abhimanyu's land (55 kms from Bangalore) on Old Madras Road. with the volunteers of NetApp.
    Today we will be planting 20 trees with tree guards at the Government Higher Seconday School, Muthasandra, 8 kms from Vartur. We will be planting with the volunteers of AMAT.
    On Saturday 25th June at 10.30 am we will be planting 60 saplings (40 inside the compound and 20 on the roads with tree guards at the following address: Mr Ravi Manvi 9945744667, Sharada Sai Apartment, 5th Main, 7th Cross, 2nd Sector - Nobo Nagar near Ganapathy Temple and behind Ajmir Apartments. Nobo Nagar comes after Meenakshi Temple on Bannergatta Road opp Loyola College.