Friday, June 24, 2011

House maid health insurance

The centre's announcement of health insurance for domestic workers isn't likely to help Mary who works at our flat at Mantri Synergy. First, Mary didn't know about it till I informed her; and secondly, the insurance scheme covers only registered domestic workers.
To get herself registered, Mary needs to obtain identification certificates from any two of the following - her employer, residents welfare association, a trade union or the police. Mary isn't a member of any trade union, and getting a certificate from the police has its hassles.
Of the other two certification agencies - employer and residents welfare association - Mary works part-time in three or four flats in Mantris ; and we wouldn't have a residents welfare association for another year or so.
Questions: 1) Would an ID certificate issued by PropCare be acceptable to the health insurance authorities ?
2) Would it be necessary for Mary to get a certificate from all her employers ?
3) Is there a prescribed format for employer's certification ?
PropCare or any public spiritied Mantri resident can get details from the relevant dept. in the union ministry of labour and employment. Meanwhile, PropCare can collect data from Mantri residents regarding domestic workers in their employment.


  1. nice to listen health insurance for the its true..isn't it great!!!!! health insurance is best for all...

  2. Did you figure out how to get it done? I want it for my maid too, but there seems to be such little information.

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