Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Talking trash, vermicomposting

Our trash have raddi (resale) value - old newspapers, bottles, plastic cans, and tins. And most residents have self-interest in sorting out reuseables and recyclables from rest of our domestic waste. What we need at Mantris is a reliable raddiwalah who can collect saleable waste from our door-front.
PropCare, which has outsourced house-keeping to MTS can talk to them about creating a business model for waste collection and disposal. The raddi dues payable to individual residents can be adjusted against the monthly bill sent to them for supply of milk, water, newspaper by MTS.
Under the present system the MTS house-keeping staff collect kitchen waste from each flat around 9 a m daily. I don't know how they dispose it.
If PropCare is amenable , I would suggest vermicomposting. This article in Green living tips gives us a sense of putting earthworms to work for converting our kitchen waste into organic manure. This can be used in our landscaped area. Surplus manure can be sold.

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