Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BSNL router in short supply

Mantri apartments are wired for BSNL landline and broadband connection. Wireless router that comes with the modem is however not made available by BSNL at the time of installation. Mr Aashik (9790122995) who helps setting it up at your place may tell you that the router is out of stock at the moment, and he wouldn't be able to tell you when BSNL would issue the equipment. I got mine after a month, this too, after I persuaded PropCare to take up the issue with BSNL.
Till then, you need to tether your laptop with a cable connected to the modem in order to access broadband. The router is that magic box that enables your laptop to access the Net , wherever you take it - bedroom, kitchen, the loo or the balcony.

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  1. Oh Yes, My BSNL Internet & Telephone bill is ticking from last Friday onwards. I still have not got the Router. Infact, my internet line is yet to work. Sivaram of Propcare did call Mr Chakarapani in BSNL who constantly is in a huddle - Purpose unknown ! (Customer Care-less ). The fact is that I remain `net-less` after having fallen prey to Mantri`s decision to rope in BSNL (Monopoly wired connection in Synergy). With this kind of in-difference & reminders falling on deaf ears, residents will have no option but to bring in wires & go for their own connection with other service providers. Also, I tried using the net through one of the residents yesterday & its speed or the lack of it is `Kurma Avatarish`. Perhaps, the Olive Ridley season has already begun for Synergy Residents. Please also see my experience with `Gas Ramu`.Sriraj.