Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why can't we have some ducks ?

Reading Mr Sriraj's post I gather that the fountain would soon be functioning at Mantri's. I wish we could have ducks in the water, as they have in this pond at the Blackhawk Mall in Danville CA. It is a major attraction for children visiting the mall. If our fountain isn't big enough for ducks, we could at least have some colourful fish. I am sure children woud love it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Incident Free Week

Pleased that a week has passed peacefully with almost every service a resident requires for a smooth living at Mantri Synergy. A casual meeting with Mr Sivaram of PropCare on issues that are pending (Ramp, Play area, Gas bank etc) revealed that they will be addressed when the time comes as construction work is progressing in full swing on A & B Blocks. The Swimming pool is also likely to be commissioned in about a week`s time as they want to make sure that the plant is functioning smoothly & there is no water leakage. The center fountain should flow in about 2 weeks. I have also requested him to formally arrange for a get-to-gether for the residents & hear us out to make a smoother living. Further, the stilt parking pillars are being numbered & the car park system should also be in place soon. While Chennai had sharp showers last night, Padur experienced only a slight drizzle though the weather was extremely pleasant throughout the night & in the morning with fresh cool breeze flowing through our 12th floor windows. However, comes along with the cool wind, some dust too which is inevitable as construction contunies even on Sundays. Overall, I remain satisfied looking back at the last week living here at Mantri Synergy. Sriraj.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tree-planting: An e-mail to Vishnu

Dear Vishnu,
And I address this mail to Manikandan, Ramesh (all security staff), and Murugan (house-keeping) as well.
It is nice to know that we have on the Mantri support services staff youngsters like you pursuing higher studies. And it is a matter of community pride. I am sure other Mantri residents would agree to a suggestion that your hardwork and determination call for celebration. We could do so by planting a couple of saplings in Mantri Synergy on the Community Planting Day we observe on the last Saturday of every month. It is July 30 this month.
1) I would like you, Vishnu, along with the other three, to approach Sriraj Sir (D-1202) and Chakraborti Sir (F-904) for help and guidance in organising the tree-planting programme.
2) You can count on them to approach Propcare Sivaram sir to get suitable slots alloted for planting two neem saplings.
3) Arrange to procure from the nursery or from some place else two neem saplings (say 5 to 8 ft. tall). I am sure one of you is resourseful enough to get the saplings for free from a local farmer. You should also be able to arrange for digging the necessary pits and for watering the saplings till they take root.
I wish I could take part in the tree-planting ceremony. But my thoughts would be with you on July 30. And I hope to find the saplings growing well when my wife and I return from our current US trip.
Meanwhile, I hope to hear from you, Vishu, regarding the tree-planting arrangement. Do foraward this communication to Manikandan, Ramesh and Murugan. I do not have their e-mail ID

G V Krishnan, D-901
(now in San Ramon, CA)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

About children's play area

Exploring the San Ramon CA neighbourhood play area with my grandsons - aged 6, and nearly 4 - I get increasingly conscious of the inadequacy of the facility provided by the Mantri's. I have been here in the US quite a few times, but this happens to be our first US visit after we moved in to Mantri Synergy. And commparisons are inevitable, and the contrast is stark.
This one is a play area for kids in 2-5 age group.
Seating for elders supervising kids
Helmet for cyclists is mandatory. Grandson Nikhil is 3 plus, and you can't hold him down to the confines of play area. The likes of him need cycling track.
And also space to try out their basketball skills.
Rock climbing is a popular feature.
In comparison, residents at Mantri Synergy (which the developers advertised as 'premium' apts. complex) cannot be said to have got a fair deal, play area-wise. We deserve better, considering that 30 percent of the price we paid went for comon area development. Speaking of the children's play area, what we have at Mantri's is a scaled down version that should have really been part of the creche at the clubhouse.
1) Mantri play area is located in a cramped space in front of the grocery store.
2) The play things are not only placed too close to each other, but also they leave little space for the ramp that is to come up at the entrance to the stores.
3) No seating facility for adults who need to supervise the children at play.
4) A bank of gas cylinders is located close to the play area. Mr Sriraj(D-1202), at a recent meeting with Mantri GM Mr Manoj, made it clear that either the play area or the gas bank must be re-located. In response to the management view that there was zero safety risk Mr Sriraj observed it is a matter of public mindset. Question is: would you let your two-year old play in an area close to a gas bank,no matter who or how many people guarantee its safety ?
5)Lack of alternate space to locate play area cannot be an acceptable reason for not re-relocating it. No resident would accept anything but the best for children.
6) The front lawn or the landscaped area around the well has enough play space, and it has park benches for the supervisory adults escorting children.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let's plant neem in July

Murugan of house-keeping has gone next door,to Hindustan University,to pursue a course in automobile engineering. Manikandan and Ramesh on Mantri security staff are studying to become computer engineers, and their shift-mate Vishnu is doing graduate studiesin business administration.
Let us celebrate and dedicate a neem sapling to their drive,dedication,and hardwork.Mantri's monthly community planting is due July 30, the last Saturday of the month. Suggestions from Mantri residents on family events that merit saplings at our community planting can be sent to Mr Sriraj of D-1202.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's synergize Mantri Synergy

My wife and I appreciate the sentiments Mr Sriraj has expressed in the previous post. Would like to point out, though, that It is not any lofty ideal or self-less initiative that drives me ;it is enlightened self-interest. Our common/unified efforts can improve life, and synergize community living.
And synergy, I reckon, can be furthered, by including in our community schemes the PropCare people, our house-keeping and security staff. We can make our Mantri living inclusive, if we recognise Murugan joining an engineering course by planting a sapling in our complex. When PropCare Siviram's 4-year-old twins join the 1st std. in school, or start taking, say piano lessons, or get a belt in taekwondo , we should planting saplings.
Which brings me to Pt. 6 in Mr Sriraj's list of things to do.The next time he meets Mr Manoj/Mr Sivaram he could work with them to identify the spots for planting the next five saplings. Thus,discovering more and more planting locations can be made a continuing exercise, as we move from July to August, then on to September, and beyond.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bon Voyage to Mr & Mrs GVK

Mr GV Krishnan & Mrs Krishnan are leaving for USA tomorrow for a short re-union with their Son in California. Being a Veteran of social & noble causes & a great inspiration for all to follow his sensible & self-less initiatives, it would be our duty to show some developments which he would be delighted to see on his safe return in a month. So, let us take these following initiatives in the next 3/4 weeks :-
1. Following up with Mr V Manoj, GM, Mantri for construction of a ramp leading to/from the proposed Super-Market.
2.Planting a couple of more saplings in consultation with Mr Sivaram, PropCare.
3. Pro-actively involving with Mantri on shifting the Gas bank or the Kids Play Pen as they are now positioned next to each other & which we consider can prove to be dangerous if/when an accident occurs.
4. Segregation & disposal of garbage/vermicomposting in consulation with Mr Sivaram, PropCare.
5. Find a solution to the pollution caused by our neighbouring construction Company (Opposite `F` Block) in consultation with PropCare.
I think if these 5 are addressed to our satisfaction, GVK would return a very happy person. Can we all get together & do this ?
Sriraj - D 1202 - Ph : 09444 708 530

Nasa Srini & Aadit are a week old

A week after we planted them Nasa Srinivas has started flowering already, and Aadit has fresh tender leaves coming up.
Now that the saplings have taken roots parents with young children could take them to visit Aadit and Nasa Srini, become their friends and watch them grow in their backyard.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mahindran replaces Murugan

There has been a change in the person who brings us our morning milk, newspaper, and drinking water can. Mahindran replaces Murugan, who has left to pursue engineering education at Hindustan University. He has secured admission to mechanical engineering course, says his employer Linganathan of MTS
We have many college-going youngsters on the security staff. After we wrote about Vishu I discovered two others - Manikantan and Ramesh - pursuing studies in computer science in local colleges. They opt for night shift - 7 p m to 7 a m - to be able to attend classes as day scholars. Vishnu is doing undergraduate course in business administration. But then it takes more than a college degree for one to find a job in business administration. Vishnu is acutely conscious of his limitations in soft skills and English communication.
When we first wrote about Vishnu in CommonFloor a couple of residents - Mr Sriraj and Mr Jeyagopu - welcomed a suggestion that we set up a volunteer group to mentor the likes of Vishnu on our house-keeping and security staff.