Sunday, July 10, 2011

About children's play area

Exploring the San Ramon CA neighbourhood play area with my grandsons - aged 6, and nearly 4 - I get increasingly conscious of the inadequacy of the facility provided by the Mantri's. I have been here in the US quite a few times, but this happens to be our first US visit after we moved in to Mantri Synergy. And commparisons are inevitable, and the contrast is stark.
This one is a play area for kids in 2-5 age group.
Seating for elders supervising kids
Helmet for cyclists is mandatory. Grandson Nikhil is 3 plus, and you can't hold him down to the confines of play area. The likes of him need cycling track.
And also space to try out their basketball skills.
Rock climbing is a popular feature.
In comparison, residents at Mantri Synergy (which the developers advertised as 'premium' apts. complex) cannot be said to have got a fair deal, play area-wise. We deserve better, considering that 30 percent of the price we paid went for comon area development. Speaking of the children's play area, what we have at Mantri's is a scaled down version that should have really been part of the creche at the clubhouse.
1) Mantri play area is located in a cramped space in front of the grocery store.
2) The play things are not only placed too close to each other, but also they leave little space for the ramp that is to come up at the entrance to the stores.
3) No seating facility for adults who need to supervise the children at play.
4) A bank of gas cylinders is located close to the play area. Mr Sriraj(D-1202), at a recent meeting with Mantri GM Mr Manoj, made it clear that either the play area or the gas bank must be re-located. In response to the management view that there was zero safety risk Mr Sriraj observed it is a matter of public mindset. Question is: would you let your two-year old play in an area close to a gas bank,no matter who or how many people guarantee its safety ?
5)Lack of alternate space to locate play area cannot be an acceptable reason for not re-relocating it. No resident would accept anything but the best for children.
6) The front lawn or the landscaped area around the well has enough play space, and it has park benches for the supervisory adults escorting children.

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