Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bon Voyage to Mr & Mrs GVK

Mr GV Krishnan & Mrs Krishnan are leaving for USA tomorrow for a short re-union with their Son in California. Being a Veteran of social & noble causes & a great inspiration for all to follow his sensible & self-less initiatives, it would be our duty to show some developments which he would be delighted to see on his safe return in a month. So, let us take these following initiatives in the next 3/4 weeks :-
1. Following up with Mr V Manoj, GM, Mantri for construction of a ramp leading to/from the proposed Super-Market.
2.Planting a couple of more saplings in consultation with Mr Sivaram, PropCare.
3. Pro-actively involving with Mantri on shifting the Gas bank or the Kids Play Pen as they are now positioned next to each other & which we consider can prove to be dangerous if/when an accident occurs.
4. Segregation & disposal of garbage/vermicomposting in consulation with Mr Sivaram, PropCare.
5. Find a solution to the pollution caused by our neighbouring construction Company (Opposite `F` Block) in consultation with PropCare.
I think if these 5 are addressed to our satisfaction, GVK would return a very happy person. Can we all get together & do this ?
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