Sunday, February 5, 2012

Badminton tourney: calling it off wasn't cricket

It wasn't cricket, as the Brits would say. A badminton tournament scheduled for Sunday at Mantri Synergy stood cancelled without notice. My wife and I went to the Clubhouse this morning,only to return disappointed. The tournament was to have started at 9.30 a m. We went at 10 and found no one there.There was no cancellation notice either at the 3rd floor badminton court or on the Clubhouse notice-board. PropCare people said they had no info. about the badminton tournament. Sorry state of affair.
The badminton tournament was announced nearly three weeks earlier, when registration from participants was invited. After this, nothing further was heard. If there were differences, as I am given to understand , among those organizing the tournament,they had more than adequate time to sort them out. Instead, we ended up killing a good initiative.
Cancellation of the sports event shouldn't have been an option, considering the interest that the proposed tournament had evoked among sports-loving Mantri residents. It was the first such community event to have been proposed. It needed to be encouraged, never mind who initiated it.Cancelling it, that too without announcement, is a prescription to kill individual drive. Whoever decided to call off the tournament, for whatever reason, would do well to realize that his doing hurt someone's sentiments. Unwittingly,we may well be inhibiting others from coming forward to participate in Mantri activities.
Arbitrary reaction defeats community-building effort. Besides, I believe, no individual or association, for that matter, can claim monopoly over common interest activity. If differences arise in planning community service activities, they can be sorted out through dialogue and interaction.
Let's come together, talk it out,and revive the badminton tournament that couldn't be held. My wife and I were not the only Mantri residents to feel disappointed today.


  1. I am disappointed too. Let us not kill someone`s spirit to initiate such things. Here is my 1 cent :-

    1. The singles (boy or girl) winner of the tournament (if it begins on time & as per the Boy`s schedule) will sail with me in India`s only Cruise Line AMET Cruise during the month of April 2012.

    2. This certainly is to encourage all to come forward & not to split opinions.

    3. Let us nurture such leadership qualities.

    Sriraj - Outside D 1202 but heartfully in Synergy.

    1. Thank you uncle but I wasn't allowed to conduct it

    2. Thank you uncle but I wasn't allowed to conduct it

    3. Hi GVK Uncle,

      Apologies, that I am writing to a week old post. But I am compelled to bring forward the other side of this story.


      I want to understand who did not allow you to conduct the tournament? There is no monopoly or killing of leadership or spirit whatsoever in any of the initiatives that we collectively bring forward. Even before I left for my vacation last week, I asked you & Sunil to go forward with the tournament (but just that, I wouldn't be available in town to provide my support). Hence, hurting of someone's sentiments is not in question.

      Hence, cliaming this in the above post that you were not allowed is not justified.

      As Mr. GVK rightly put it, anything can be sorted out if we want to discuss through a dialogue and interaction, but it would be impossible, if events / occassions are kept under wraps of secrecy for whatever reason.

      Please, may I request that you bring your ideas to me and the core committee elect, and as I promised to you even earlier, we can do a very good job at organizing an event TOGETHER than as individuals. Also, I assure, that all your ideas and suggestions will be most definitely incorporated.

      Best Regards,

    4. Appreciate your response, particularly as a committee member willing to own up his comment, instead of taking cover under anonymity. If I am rubbing it in, it because, in this episode, we have had two Anonymous comments, both seeking to justify the action taken by a collective 'we', meaning the ad hoc committee. Your gesture is refreshingly different. Incidentally, even after my plea for transparency in this blog, I received the second 'Anonymous' comment that I withheld from publication.
      Your point is taken. And having learned our lesson from the badminton episode, let us move on, to be inclusive and responsive in conducting community events.

  2. these sort of arbitrary killing of intiatives, (especially from a young boy) should be condemned in no uncertain terms. Let us encourage Shreyas to plan one more tournament, and we will stand by him and reneder all help and support. "come on Shreyas, we are with you".
    Lets do it

  3. I fully endorse the views expressed by GVK. The young boy out of his enthusiasm had organized an event which was eventually to benefit the entire community within Mantri Synergy. His inadvertent error of not following the procedure while organising such an event could have been overlooked and he should have been advised of the right procedure for any of his future endeavours. I feel we need to encourage such spark in our children

  4. Who is refusing to conduct this in-house tournament ?
    Could you all please talk to President Elect & Secratary Elect & Ujjal who are all pro-active & get this organized ? Let the boy`s energy be funneled properly by all. I salute the spirit of this child & may I request him to approach & make this happen. Sheryas, dont be silent. Just go knock the doors of Ujjal, Dada & Mr Nair. I am sure they will receive you with open arms & will fulfill your wishes. Well done. Keep doing this once in 6 months. YOU CAN. Sriraj.

  5. K I agree it is my mistake.let us now stop the argument and let's discuss about another tournament

    1. Appreciate your gesture,in admitting a mistake. And the sporting spirit. Awaiting announcement on the proposed tournament.