Friday, February 17, 2012

A toy library

When we talk of library, we usually think books, or DVDs.In UK they have over 1000 libraries of toys, serving some 250,000 children. I happened by a web page in Grannynet , a website for grandparents, that said:
Toy libraries offer services to local children, families and carers based on regular toy loan for a nominal fee (and sometimes for free). They provide carefully selected toys to borrow, play sessions, and a friendly, informative meeting place for parents and carers.
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  1. There are a couple of toy libraries in our very own Chennai. You may check the following links:

    Must say that the concept is fast catching up. Few months earlier I came across the promo of the "Bambaram" one. Today when I googled for toy libraries in Chennai, I found 3 more.

    1. I wish we set up a toy library of our own at Mantri's.It could include children's books; and the toy library could be set up in the spae we have at the clubhouse library. We have a few books our grandsons have grown out of. Seniors, visiting their sons/daughters abroad, could bring back toys/books heir grandchildren have grown out of. We could build a library through such donations.

    2. Do Check out This Library in Annanagar is too good.I have a few friends who are memnbers there and get free homedelivery of toys.

  2. Looking for online library that does door delivery?. Check us out