Monday, February 6, 2012

Case of the locked toilets at Mantri's, OMR

To Sushil Mantri
from Arvind Rajgopaul(H-1104-05)

You have thoughtfully provided for a common toilet in each of the 9 blocks.But sadly,most of them are kept locked;including the one in my block.This is causing a lot of inconvenience, not only to our domestic helps, drivers, etc., but also to the security guards,conservency workers of Propcare.
Infact,I discovered that the security guards are not manning their stations,early mornings, because, they are queuing up in the one or two toilets available to them,in the whole complex.
The common refrain is that the Projects department is loath to part with the keys of the toilets. I also understand that the excuse they dish out for not keeping the toilets open is because the door locks are getting broken!This excuse is not acceptable.
Secondly,there are no dust bins provided at strategic locations, anywhere in the complex. I have observed such bins in other Mantri projects in Bangalore.
Yours truly

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