Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If trees can speak...

If they had a voice, these coconut trees would sue Mantri's, for attempt on their life. For that is what the project developers are doing, as cement-flooring is in progress for converting this open space,close to the grocery stores,into a parking lot. Our plea for setting aside the space (between the row of coconut trees and wall) as 'Community Planting Area' has apparently fallen on deaf ears.Commercial compulsions score over environmental considerations, as they usually do.
Now that we are presented with a fait accompli, would it be too much to expect Mantri' project team to be generous enough to spare a of loose soil around the trees, as breathing space for the roots, and for watering them ? Cementing the space right up to the edge of tree-trunk can't be anyone's idea of tree-protection,if Mantri's do want to save those coconut trees.
It isn't the first time we have brought this to the notice of the Mantri's. In December last they cement-floored (see photo) a couple of trees - are they teak ? - close to sewage treatment plant behind H and I blocks. Some residents, notably, Mr Sriraj (D-1202),drew the attention of Mantri's on-site management, with zero reaction.

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  1. I am depressed to see such things are happening all around us & there is no voice to stop it. God bless our Children who probably would turn super-human & not live on Oxygen. Any number of trees are not enough for this planet. Mom Earth had it. We came last. Will we last ?