Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Qs from a new-comer at Mantri's

The Zachariahs who plan to move into Mantri's (F-804) posted on our Facebook page a set of questions. They relate to:
1.Shifting our BSNL line to our apartment.
2.Installing our Tata Sky dish, hours and times available for roof access?
3.Trash disposal daily; i.e, timings, location etc
4.Club House timings? pool, gym etc?
5.Approved areas for our pet to use the bathroom. Of course we are in the habit of picking up the waste and disposing it with our trash bags.But is there a specific area?
6.EB and Water usage readings, when does this happen and how do we pay our bills?
7.When we shift our items, are we allowed to use the lifts? If so which one and if not I assume the stairs?
I share Crystal Zachariah's post here, for the attention of those who might not be on Facebook.

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  1. Arvind Rajgopaul writes: I can probably answer some of the querries.
    Every flat owner has already paid for the BSNL connection, which includes a landline, number, modem and wifi router and anUPS battery (which may or may not be in working order, depending on ones luck), and an IPTV connection which is not available any more.So, it is advisible for Mr.Zakharia to surrender his existing BSNL land line before moving into Mantri.
    Dog's poop can be disposed of in the common toilet located near the lifts of every block.
    Service lifts are to be used for moving household items. If some big furniture viz cupboards and cots are brought without being dismntled, they have to lugged up the stairs.
    Propcare will assist in getting the electricity and telephone bills for a month or two, and educate you as to how to go about it in the future.