Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's get on with it

Though the ad hoc managing committee,in their own wisdom, is not forthcoming in announcing it to the members of the association, the fact is that the association has been registered with the concerned government body and our gratitude to them.
Congratulations to Mr.Vasudevan for doing the dogs work to draft out the legal documents with the help of a lawyer and seeing it through.
The task of getting the registration is done with by this adhoc committee, and our thanks to them.
The members of the association have not mandated any other task to them, and they should not proceed with any other business concerning the association.
They should set a date for and call for a general body meeting of all the members, and offer theselves for a proper election for the office they wish to stand for. There may be other aspirants for their offices.
This should be done forthwith, failing which, we the members of the association should fix a date on our own.
Your views are solicited
Yours truly,
Arvind Rajgopaul,
(Reproduced from CommonFloor for for the benefit of those who don't access it)


  1. The association can be considered as duly registered only after the registrar issues the certificate of registry. I believe this will take about two weeks. In the meantime, I would expect that the ad-hoc Committee prepares and posts to all members a proposed draft of bylaws, rules,policies,philosophy and a vision document. Members may propse changes,addition and deletions and a final draft be placed at the AGM for a simple yes or no vote. AGM proceedings are different from parliamentary proceedings. AGM is a platform for decisions not debates, so it is perfectly in order for the ad-hoc committee to take a leadership role at this crucial stage and set the agenda without, of course, denying a say in this process to interested members,

  2. Krish makes a pertinent point - AGM is a forum for, not debate, but decision-making. Which means, members should be made aware of the agenda, and issues on which they are required to vote. Circulating association by-laws at AGM, and expecting members to read,propose amendments,and vote on by-laws (without debate) would be a tall order. Is there a problem with circulation of draft by-laws a few days ahead AGM, and inviting comments online, to be e-mailed to a designated committee member ? They could also leave their comments in this blog.

  3. I should think two weeks for the vision statement, policies document, bylaws to be prepared by the ad-hoc committee and another two weeks for members to digest, amend and debate, Best done online. Basis which perhaps we could set AGM date for April 14 ( Tamil NY day) and work backwards with the sched. The challenge for the Committee is to obtain from Mantri the email/contact mob numbers of all members,resident or not by Mar 20.

    1. Krish's 3-point formula takes us further in evolving a timeline to election.
      1) AGM on April 14. Which should give us time enough to debate by-laws and get nominations filed, in case the present committee members do not get elected uncontested to the association management committee. What we need to ensure is whether there is a stipulated timeline within which AGM is required to be held under the law; and if Apl.14 meets this requirement. Core committee should respond to this.
      2)Ad hoc committee has already submitted to the registrar's office a set of by-laws while seeking registration. Circulating the by-laws sent to the registrar need not take time. Mr Vasudevan who has done the home work,could respond.
      3)My sense is Mantri wants to hand over the list of apt. owners to an ad hoc committee that has the mandate of apartment owners.Whether our ad hoc body can be considered to have obtained such mandate at the Dec.26 meeting is a moot point.