Saturday, June 18, 2011

The garbage chute debate

Whether or not a garbage chute in high rise buildings coming up in Chennai is a good idea has been debated in Mantri Synergy CF. House-hunting in Chennai before we settled for Mantri Synergy, my wife and I had a look at as many as nine residential projects, one of which provided for garbage chute. Isn't that 'cool', I wrote to a friend in the US. And my reference to the chute in a blog post evoked the following comments:
Mr Ramaprasad, New Jersey wrote - When we first moved to the US in 1971 we rented an apartment in Queens that had a garbage chute. I believe that garbage chute are no longer permitted. I do not know the reason. But the apartments then had serious problems with roaches and the super pointed to the chutes as the reason.
Mr M P V Shenoi, Bangalore : Perhaps the garbage chute was first provided in Vashi, Navi Mumbai in stepped blocks (Charles Correa’s) in 1973. They achieved high nuisance value. The reasons were lack of knowledge about segregation of different types – wet, dry, etc., our dependence on house maids, evacuating them at infrequent intervals, not cleaning and disinfecting the inside.
The chutes were provided near the stairs and stairwell became a place for bad smell,cockroaches and rats. the practice was discontinued.. of course the material used then was masonry. I recently saw one in a new block in Bangalore but made of stainless steel. People had similar complaints. We introduce certain facilities without giving proper training to all concerned. I was in team for preparation of master plan.
I would also like to know about Gated communities as they in my opinion are islands of affluence amidst squalor and slums alround as they neglect to provide any shelter to personnel serving these people,like subziwallha,Dhobhi,house maid, sweeper, etc.


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  2. Garbage chutes in apartments are the biggest barrier to segregation of waste at source and results in sending tonnes of reusable, recyclable material to landfills. As a result, there are apartments in Bangalore that have chosen to give up the convenience of the chute for the sake of the environment.

    Here is a presentation on the problems of the chute that was made at Daily Dump some months ago