Monday, June 20, 2011

Mantri's 'No' to garbage chute

We have it from Mr Shankar Naganathan, former VP and business head, that Mantri's chose not to go in for garbage chute . Why ? Mr Naganathan writes in Common Floor:
For the sake of Synergy community, let me share with you all on our (Mantri) thought process on the garbage chute and the subsequent decision:
1. Garbage chute was not included as part of the amenities to the buyer - as you can infer from the printed catalogs and agreements. No mention about it.
2. However, as we got into the design stage, we included Garbage chute for the first time in Mantri and provided for the ducts to handle garbage chute.
3. The civil construction for garbage chute has been completed in all blocks but subsequently the debate about its relevance started.
4. The points shared by many of our community members were known to us and they are relevant - you need to seperate the garbage as dry/wet/perishable etc.. and it is a perennial source for accumulation of insects, dirt and stink, unless used very carefully.
5. A superior design calls for a stainless steel sliding tray with water and disinfectant flush and a good collection mechanism at the bottom.
6. Since these were practically difficult and expensive and costly to maintain, the garbage chute system has been deleted from the scope of works.
7. Synergy comes with the manual garbage collection mechanism only; if the chute is to be introduced, it will be difficult at this stage if not impossible but Mantri will not agree as we have deliberated and decided against it.
8. On a later date, if residents want it, it can be re-introduced subject to residents paying a certain price for incorporating some features like auto cleaning.
Hope I am clear.
Shankar Naganathan

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