Thursday, June 16, 2011

A case for clubhouse ramp

My visiting sister(we call her Baby,though she is 60 plus) has the gait of a penguin,because of knee trouble and associated complications.She found the walk from bus stand (Hindustan University) to our D Block residence way too long for her comfort. Climbing steps is problem.
Baby had not seen the inside of a gym till I took her to our clubhouse gym.She liked what she say, and expressed her desire to visit the gym regularly as along as she stays with us. I am sure we would have the likes of my sister, who would take to the gym if only they can make it there without a hassle.The clubhouse has a lift, but the project architects haven't put a ramp at the entrance. Now they say a ramp would cut into the service road, which needs to be of a specified width prescribed by the fire dept. The physically disabled wanting to use the clubhouse would have to take a lift from the basement, they say.

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