Friday, June 24, 2011

The shenbagams are here

The saplings,both shenbagam,are here. And Mr Sivaram of PropCare showed us the location where they would be planted on Saturday. Dr A P J Kalam Former president and green enthusiast, among other things, is quoted as saying, a tree reduced 14 kg of carbon-di-oxide and gave out 20 kg of oxygen. I wonder how much gas a single air-conditioner, working 6 hours, would emit. When all 700 odd flats are ready and occupied at Mantri's we can count on having at least 1500 AC units.
Young Srinivas, the schoolboy who would plant one of the saplings tomorrow, joined us on our site inspection. Mr Muthaiah of Mantri landscaping dept. said the digging and earthwork would be completed by the end of the day.
Mantri community planting
(behind 'G" Block)
Saturday, June 25
Time: 5.30 p m

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