Friday, June 10, 2011

Dust in your living room

My next-flat owner on the 9th floor in D Block has been putting off his move to Mantri's because of the dust hassle. He finds the balcony,living-room and other parts of his flat covered with a thin layer of dust whenever he drops in to give finishing touches to his apartment.He shares a wall with Block C, which is abuzz with construction activity.
The work in progress at Mantri's A to C blocks is not the only source of dust in our living-room. Ours is a partly sea-facing flat, relatively away from the yet-to-be finished A,B and C blocks. My dust is sourced from neighbouring housing project at Mantri's backyard.
This concrete-mixing unit raises considerable dust when it is in operation; which is usually in early morning hours. The dust-raising monster machine isn't going to be put out of operation anytime soon.

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