Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adit comes home, to Mantri's

His grandma picked up the phone when I called to enquire how Mantri Synergy's first-born was doing. The baby boy, born to Smitha and Arya Chakraborti (F-904) at Chettinad Hospital , was brought home, to Mantri Synergy a couple of days back.
A happy grandmother, inviting us home to bless the child, said they had named him Adit (which, she said, means teak). She added her husband Ardhendo, however, prefers to call his grandson Akash. The grandparents welcomed our suggestion that the Mantri's residents community should celebrate the birth of Adit by planting a sapling at our complex. A few of us who have appointed ourselves to an organizing committee are working it, and a date for planting the 'community sapling' would be announced soon, in consultation with the Chakraborti family.


  1. The dear one is called AADIT(meaning Peak OR First Born)- daddy

    Thanks for the article

  2. Thank you, for correcting us.