Friday, June 17, 2011

Automen levy Mantri surcharge

Automen operate as a cartel when it comes to fixing fare. We paid Rs.30 for Chettinad Hospital, which is virtually across the road from Mantri Synergy on OMR. Automan who dropped us back from the hospital wanted Rs.40. I haggled the fare down to Rs.30.
Chettinad Hospital is barely 5 minutes' walk, and you get free transport into the campus from the main gate. We had to hire a three-wheeler to take my mother, aged 92 using a walker, to the dentist at Chettinad.
Autowallahs charge Rs.30 from Hindustan University auto stand to Kelambakkam. If you want them to come inside Mantri campus,it costs Rs.10 more. Before quoting the rate they ask if you need to be dropped on OMR or inside Mantri residential complex. It would cost Rs.40, from Kelambakkam, if you want to get dropped at your apartment block.
A couple of automen I have hired - Sudhakaran at 9962190790 ; Arumugam 9383194999.

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