Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's a long walk

If you view this picture close enough you find a gentleman carting a suitcase and lugging two shoulder bags. I happened to look out of our D block residence (9th floor) this morning, when the man struggling with his baggage caught my attention. I should have got down the lift to reach out and help this gentleman. Instead, I reached for my camera .
It is a long driveway at Mantri Synergy, and it was hot and stuffy, even at 8.45 a m. And within the next hour so you wouldn't have much shade left on the driveway.
Two things: 1) For some mid-day shade on the driveway we need to plant something more substantive than the potted plants placed for show on our driveway.
2) Couldn't we think of battery-operated golf-carts to ferry people from the main gate to, say, H or I blocks that are at the far end of the Mantri complex.
Golf cart deployed for movement of visitors and staff within Chettinad Health City.

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  1. Maini of Bangalore makes them & propcare can buy one when we have more residents. It certainly is useful for people who have to carry their luggage if they intend to take a public transport from Synergy & VV.