Sunday, February 5, 2012

Power shutdown on OMR

Apart from a scheduled power shedding for four hours daily, we face unannounced stoppage of power supply.This apart,the voltage we get after stepping down varies from 200 to 180 volts, ruining home appliances,according to Shanta and Arvind Rajgopaul (H-1105). They have addressed the common concern of OMR Residents in a memo to Director,Distribution, Tamilnadu Generation & Distribution Limited.
Sir.I purchased a flat in Mantri Synergy,Old Mahabalipuram Road,Padur.
This is a newly constructed and commissioned gated community, where many young employees working at nearby international IT companies, have purchased flats to live with their families. Many senior citizens have also taken residence.
Unfortunately, there is power outage for two hours in the morning (6.00 am to 8-00am) and again in the afternoon (12-00 to 2-00) everyday. Over and above this, there are unscheduled stoppage of power with varying duration everyday.
From the timings, you will appreciate that power is not available at critical hours, especially in the morning, when people have to cook their food, and get ready to go to work.
In addition to power outages, the voltage we get after stepping down varies from 200 to 180 volts, resulting in a number of blowouts of various domestic appliances.
Our Chief Minister had announced recently, that due to more efficient managing of the available power, the Officers of the Electricity Board have managed to halve the duration of daily power outages.
But this sadly doesn't reflect in the power availability,to us.
We the residents of Mantri Synergy will be grateful to you, if you could look into this matter and do the needful to reduce our sufferings.
With regards,
Arvind Rajgopaul


  1. Nowadays the morning power-shut down timings have changed-its now 8-10 am. The 12-2 pm remains the same. The evenings are also not spared-there's a regular shut-down around 6 pm everyday, though not for a very long time.

  2. Once we form an association, we can get signatures from the residents and represent ourselves to the EB board. In the meantime, to ensure we have clear knowledge of why the power connections was moved from Siruseri, RTI letter needs to be crafted and if there are residents in the complex that belong to media of any sorts, could come forward and help publicize the random power cuts. There is always solutions to problems- All we hesr is it is not possible and everything has been tried. But if we unite, who knows wonders can happen on this power outage front.

    1. RTI application, I guess, can be filed by a group of apartment owners, provided we have info. on projects that come under Siruseri power line, and if Mantri-Padur was in fact initially part of this hook-up

  3. I am working on the RTI component with a someone who has the know how to obtaining the information. Once I receive the format of the letter, I will be happy to share it. He is helping me to find he same info through RTI. As far as power outages, I sent an email this morning to chairman Tangedco per his secretary's request- Nothing may come out of it but thought it is worth a try- let us see if I receive a response

    Here is what was sent to him and the director

    Good Morning Chairman and Director of EB Board
    Not sure if this email would be read and deleted by your secretaries or you yourself will actually read and provide response
    First and foremost, want to acknowledge your secretary, Sathya ( apologies if I have misspelled) for taking my call this morning.
    Understand that there is significant power shortage in Tamil Nadu which is deteriorating at lightning speed. Not sure if the companies have to exit or we have to discourage companies from establishing bases in Chennai given such acute and chronic power shortages
    Until September of 2011, Padur ( 4 kms to be exact from Siruseri substation) was receiving power from Siruseri with 2 hour scheduled outage each day.
    From Oct of 2011, the power cuts increased to 4 hours ( 6-8 AM and 12- 2 Pm ) progressively increasing to 5 and now 11 hours with random hours of cuts and significant fluctuation in voltages ruining our appliances
    When we call Kelambakkam EB board or EB board in general, we are told, "that since as residents we elected the current CM who has been unable to keep her word, hence we should go and talk to her about this problem and not to them"
    We are also told that " if we want power, we should give them land and money to build the substation in addition to the bribes that they will need to provide power"
    OMR is being touted as the IT corridor of Chennai. However, OMR of Padur and kelambakkam does not fall under the Chennai Corporation. Hence we are penalized by shorting the power supply an additional 8 hours of what is being shorted in Chennai city. Not only that, there is no structured schedule as to when the power outage occurs each day. Morning 6-8 Am is a critical time to complete household chores to get ready for work- why then??
    If we call, we get an answer that Madurai and other cities face the same problem - so bear with it - we cant do anything-- These type of comments does not provide any credibility to your department or yourself and are really callous and irresponsible from your department perspective
    I hope the brilliant minds in each of your department in the government is able to find a solution and provide responsible actions to provide basic amenity like power-- It does not behoove Tamil nadu or Chennai in bragging about development when the state cannot provide power even to its most touted IT corridor where most high rise apartment complexes and companies are coming up-- It is really a shame and embarrasement to the state and city. We do have a Chennai address but to what use when we dont receive any of the city benefits??
    Expect that with your designation as Chairman, I will receive a responsible reply and the necessary steps you are taking and approximate timelines by which this will be fixed. Nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it. Just like Chennai and Tamil Nadu made international headlines with the various scams and excessive corruption, I am sure it can provide power if it sets the mind to do so

    Please dont provide suggestions like get an invertor or is there a generator in the apartment etc as part of your response as any intelligent human being that has taken the risk to reside in Chennai knows that it is a necessary equipment but even those need to be charged and to charge them we need POWER for a sustained amount of time with CONSISTENT VOLTAGE

    With many thanks and regards
    Eagerly awaiting your appropriate response

  4. Been tracking the power cuts for 2 Weeks now, and to me it seems to be on a timer.
    12/3 : 1:18am till 2:20 6-9, 12-4, 6-7, 9-10, 11:15-12
    13/3 : same
    14/3 : same
    15/3 : same
    16/3 : same
    17/3 : same
    18/3 : same
    19/3 : same
    20/3 : same
    21/3 : same
    22/3 : 1:18 -2:20, 3:30-4, 4:45-5:15, then the daily normal.