Friday, February 10, 2012

Case for chaat shop, permit-room @ OMR Mantri's

For those who don't know,'permit room' is euphemism for a pub or bar where the like-minded adults hang out over a glass of lemonade, lager, coke or soda with a dash of rum or whiskey. A clubhouse is where I would like to see this cozy corner set up. More on this,later
I don't know what Mantri's plans are for this space, next to the grocery stores.Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a chaat counter there ? A couple of park benches (like the ones we have on the front-lawns) set up near the chaat place would add to Mantri's evening chehal-pehal.
The grocery stores near the clubhouse is the best thing that has happened at Mantri's in recent weeks. It adds to our social life, in the sense that whenever we go shopping we usually run into new and familiar faces. A chaat-shop would provide a setting to further friendships that we strike on visits to the convenience store.
A flashback here would be in order. This was where the Mantri's had initially put up a children's play area. The space was cramped, and the play area, too close to the gas bank for comfort. We had the play area moved to its present location in October(see blog post - About Children's play area). I cite this to highlight the role networking through blog can play in community-building efforts. OMR Resident can do more, with more input and wider interaction among Mantri residents. Mantri's agreed to build a ramp at the store entrance after we raised the matter in this blog (see post - Still pending:shopfront ramp).
Clubhouse bar:I know some would have reservations,and many more would express concerns at the suggestion that we have an informal bar set up in the clubhouse. But I voice the unspoken wish of a significant section of Mantri residents when I say we should have space for a mini-bar at Mantri Synergy clubhouse. If we can have a spa, steam bath, beauty parlor, billiard hall and several other facilities for the niche user-groups, why can't we have a mini-bar on contributory membership basis.
Those of us given to social drinking can use the space, which would make the place a clubhouse in the real sense of the term.Many of our spouses who are tolerant of social drinking wouldn't feel comfortable having liquor served in their own homes. I am among those who respect such womanly sentiments. And I speak for many others who would welcome an opportunity for social drinking without upsetting domestic harmony.We have at Mantri's like-minded spirits clubbing-up at an obliging friend's apartment or on the terrace. A cozy corner at the clubhouse would answer their silent prayers.


  1. LOL...Uncle I'm sure this post is gonna create a stir!! I don't think there should any concern over a mini-bar as long as residents use it responsibly and minors do not get access to it. In my home-town many apartment complexes have clubs complete with bars, discs and restaurants. Personally I would vote for your chaat-corner idea though :) After moving in to Mantri, I badly miss my Pani-puri sessions.

  2. Fantastic idea uncle ... I am on your side. But should be only for residents not for college students who stay in mantri as I am sure there would be plenty of problems , we had issues where the college students ate bringing in people from outside and using the clubhouse and this is definitely not on ... It should just be for the family people and the owners .... I strongly stick on my words..

  3. @ Sunil .. Totally agree .Seen lot of misuse of comman amenties in last one month..