Monday, February 27, 2012

What we can do about that memory loss

A TV commercial (an insurance company's,I guess) depicts a dining table set-up in which a middle-age man is shown looking all over the place for eye-glasses,while holding them over his forehead. Many of us, senior citizens, often forget where we leave our cell phone; and at times, can't recall even familiar names of places or people. Our tendency is to put it down to ageing, and carry on with our life, getting increasingly forgetful. But then I came across this article that says we can do something about it.
Try using your memory where you can,try memorising your shopping list instead of writing it down; learn the phone numbers or birthdays of friends and family.
I must learn to remember my own cell number. With help from our daughter-in-law and son I have overcome the tendency to forget own wedding anniversary.
Travel to new places and try to do something new every so often.
Computer games (as brain trainer)are a total waste of money,given that a walk in the park with a friend will benefit you more mentally,and is free.
Upgrading your mind is all about challenging yourself with new concepts and experiences... anything you can do with only minimal thought will fail to stretch you.
The best way to stop the brain rot is to challenge it more holistically – through mental, physical and social exercise. The brain is a machine that runs on blood, and so the most important thing you can do to have a healthy brain is to have a healthy blood supply.That means physical exercise, not mental exercise.

Excerpts are sourced from the article: Train your brain to delay dementia

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