Saturday, February 4, 2012

Camphor drives away Mosquitoes

We have Madhumita Mohanty's (C-Block) word for it. "Camphor-cure is working wonders," she says in her mail, responding to our blog post on the findings of a Google search for cure by another Mantrivasi. Kishore Kumar (B-407) who tried out several other methods to protect his two little kids from mosquito menace discovered camphor and shared his findings with us.
Madhumita, who has a two-year old daughter, said she was so menaced that she would try anything. That was when she came across our blog post. And here is what she wrote after trying the camphor cure:
It works to a considerable extent and keeps the house free from mosquito (almost).The (camphor) tablets (I put 4 in a bowl of water) haven't evaporated completely even after 5-6 days! That way it's economical as well.I think its time we spread the word among all Mantrivasis.


  1. Are we sure this is not a carcinogen? The camphor available in the consumer market is not exactly industry grade. Please check with an accomplished chemist/pharmacist to make sure there are no such risks.

  2. The mosquito repellants we normally use at home (All-Out, Mortein etc) are not very user-friendly as well and paediatricians discourage their usage in presence of kids. For more info on camphor and its usage and possible threat one can refer to the following link:

  3. Citronella candles are best- natural and kid friendly- Citronella is an active ingredient that is used by the mosquito repellant industry and safer than the more carcinogenic and potent Deet formulas. I am not sure where one gets citronella in India but I am sure in Adyar and such type of places. Please read the link below on Citronella