Saturday, August 18, 2012

BSNL (phone) Bill payment at Mantri's

Those of us so used to paying our phone bills online or through bank so long  find it cumbersome having to go to Kelambakkam telephone exchange to pay at the counter.  Phone subscribers at Mantri Synergy have fiber optic FTTH  landline and broadband connection. For which BSNL does  not yet have a system for online bill payment in place.
To pay bills through banks you need subscriber account number. And the BSNL Accounts department say they are in the process of alloting A/c numbers to FTTH phone subscribers. When I went to Kelambakkam payment counter the other day a staffer said it would take a couple of months for them to create an account for us at Mantri's. BSNL has been saying this for the past six months. The cashier suggested we phone the Accounts Officer for further details  - 044 22500716  (Mr Radha).  If anyone finds additional info., it would help if the person share it by leaving a comment in this blog. 
Meanwhile our phone/broadband man at Mantri's Mr Aashik said, as an interim arrangement, BSNL accounts people at Guindy office can depute a person to collect phone bills from Mantri residents. Telephone revenue inspector Mr Venugopal, they say, would visit Mantri's for bill collection, if we mobilize payment from  at least 10  phone subscribers at any given time. Mr Venugopal's number - 9445013779.
Mr Nambiar, Mantri's first resident, who has been paying his  bills at Kelembakkam  ever since he moved in in Feb. last year, has a suggestion. Why not we have Mr Venugopal come to Mantri's for bill collection on a specified date ( say 15th) every month ? Maybe our association could evolve a bill collection system based on such input.


  1. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!
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  2. I have applied for a new BSNL Broadband connection in mid July and I am yet to get the connection till date. Number of fllow ups with Ashik and BSNL guys had no effect so far. Really bad situation to have only one provider...

  3. Hi, i recently moved to my flat in building I. Am looking for landline broadband connection since mobile signal strength is week (for airtel). From the post it looks like BSNL is the only option.
    Did you get connection and are you satisfied with it?

    In my previous place (Thoraipakkam) i had BSNL landline+broadband i had no complains with it.
    Any suggestions are welcome.

  4. BSNL - landline and broadband is okay. I guess it depends on which block you are in . A, B and C I believe are not properly wired. Besides, BSNL isn't always prompt in instruments supply to their outsourced agency, represented by Ashik 9790122995. A much harassed man, Ashik is not always in a position to share his helplessness with customers. He tries his best, which, at times, is not good enough for customers.
    I have BSNL at D block; I have had my problems, but now the service is okay. Besides, BSNL subscribers have the benefit of internal dialing with other residents, and support service, in our complex.

  5. I have recently moved into A block & when I enquired for a BSNL broadband connection, the guy @ bsnl (may be ashik) said that the internet plans start at 3k/month as it is a FTTH wiring in mantri. Is there any other alternative wired broadband option in mantri ?. I would be surprised if there isn't one. I'm not sure this is an acceptable price for most of the residents as every wouldn't be speed savvy.
    I found the signal strength of major 3G networks like airtel & vodafone weak in the interiors of the house(may be due to high number of walls the signal has to cross)...
    Now I am stuck & cant make a decision. Can any one please suggest cheaper alternatives for broadband & also suggest a network which has best signal