Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Plans to make OMR a 6-lane affair

Nice thought, I thought reading in The Hindu about a plan for widening OMR to six lanes. Operative part of the news report reads: The 26.8 km stretch will run from Siruseri to Poonjeri, where it will join the East Coast Road. Two new by-passes have been planned to avoid areas that are urbanised and have too many buildings.... One by-pass,of 4.67 km, will come up in Padur and reach Thaiyyur-B  by-passing Kelambakkam.
I find no reference to a timeline for accomplishing this. For work on OMR Phase-1, started in 2008, has yet to be completed. Anyway, the media report carried on The Hindu website evoked some comments from residents. A notable comment, by Mr N.V.Chandrasekharan, suggest: : Build an elevated light rail track in the middle of the OMR right upto Thayur aligned with existing MRTS say from Taramani, run shuttle trains 24X7 at 15 minutes intervals, create huge ground level car / 2-wheeler parking sites in the vicinity of OMR at every km all along. This will encourage mass usage of the rail network for the future, reduce congestion on the road ....will also create a boom in housing all along OMR.

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