Saturday, June 30, 2012

A little note of THANKS for the present EC!!

Kudos to the EC and the members thereof.
They cannot publish a list of DEFAULTERS, but they can decide when to stop and re-start the water-supply and DG back-up.
They can, without any prior notice (inspite of publishing an agenda) conduct a poll on whether to continue with PropCare, however  they cannot take any one’s opinion while deciding the water supply  and DG back-up timings. They want every body residing in the complex to conform to a typical Chennai way of living, ie waking up at 4 am and finish off all the chores by 11 am.
They cannot re-concile their accounts even after two months of holding the office.  They cannot publish a statement of account of the expenses done till now. They cannot penalise the defaulters, however, they can make all the residents (including those who have PAID)  suffer by implementing “CUT TIMES” (11 am to 4 pm and 11pm to 4 am)!!!  That too, the notices are pasted in the lift bays stealthily during late-evenings!!!
Inspite of repeated suggestions from the members, the defaulters are not facing any action. ALL members are being subjected to a COLLECTIVE  regulation!!
From the beginning we had a shortage of funds. So why wasn’t it used judiciously and we had an extravaganza of DG back-up in the club-house running so many ACs and equipments on DG???
After running office for one month, they came to know of their inept-ness in matters of collection of dues. So why any action wasn’t taken (other than issuing some notices-ultimatum, reminder, final-remainder!!!) ???
Everytime the same excuse of new –ness in office and voluntary thankless job cannot be sold to the members!! When the EC found that they are unable to run the show , (and this happened long back) they should have handed over the facility management and funds and collection of funds to PropCare. In reality, they began to run a one man show (to quote some fellow residents!)
Now after spending all the funds( which is nothing but our hard-earned money), they are stating we have brought ourselves to this situation!!!  And ordering us to make necessary arrangements to utilise water and power resources!
We are not used to living without power back-up for many years now, and considering the regular long outages (12 pm to 3pm) during the afternoon naptime of my kid, I have to think of alternate ways. I cannot allow the health of my family members to go for a toss due to lack of sleep because of the whims and fancies of some so called grey-haired office-bearers!!!
Since I need to make my own power back-up arrangements, ie buy an inverter and make necessary wirings, I need to save and will not be able to pay for any charges to this association further. (As it is NOTHING HAPPENS HERE IF YOU DO NOT PAY!!!!) Moreover, I would not want to be a member of such an association and would like to have my Membership fees of 5k returned.  That might help me to buy bigger buckets to STORE WATER like they do in slums and also help me in saving for the legal counsel that I am planning to resort  to!!
 Thanks a ton EC, for  leading us onto this life-style!!!!


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