Monday, June 4, 2012

He bikes to work, via OMR

Sharath Namibiar, 51, takes a bicycle to work - from his residence at Madambakkam to office at Dakshinachitra on ECR,  near MGM Dizee World..
He feels comfortable biking in shorts and T-shirt. Mr Nambiar, who keeps a change of clothes at office, showers and changes before taking his seat in office as administrator. Cycling to work keeps him fit and healthy; and hike in fuel price doesn't worry Mr Namibiar much. He has a car that uses for family outings on weekends.
His bike ride to office takes him via OMR. Would be nice if you could drop by our place, Mantri Synergy, Mr Nambiar. There is much that many of us could learn from your experience in biking to office, which, says The Hindu report, you have been doing since 2009. Besides, your visit would give us a chance  to have our photos taken with the bike and you.

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