Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mantri 'mahila' makes headline

A Dinamani write-up by N Jeeva says Geetha Viswanathan (C block) can cut a blouse to suit your taste, and purse. A 100-rupee blouse would make as much of fashion statement as the one billed Rs.3,000.(didn't know a blouse can make such a big hole in your pocket). Whether you pay Rs.100 or Rs.3,000 customer taste is what fashion designing is all about. Geetha  runs a community college in Adyar that initiates the interested in fashion designing.
The thing about Geetha's school is that it is students who choose their syllabus . If your interest is only in fashioning designer blouse, they run a crash course. If  salwaar-kameez is what you fancy, Geetha wouldn't inflict on you a course on Saari or bridalwear.
Turning on its head a well-worn cliche - 'behind every successful man, lurks a woman' - Geetha concedes her motivational factor was Kasi Viswanathan. She had an opportunity to travel with her husband to some interior parts of India. The experience, she says, facilitated her to acquire nuances of specialist crafts such as aari, Kasoti and Kutch embroidery.
Mr Viswanthan, advocate by training, is a concert musician who now devotes much of his time initiating Mantri children into the joys of music.

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