Monday, February 6, 2012

Regarding Badminton Tournament that could not happen (Unfortunately!)

 I didn't know that the badminton tournament, which was arranged by Shreyas, the little school-boy, was cancelled till I read Uncle GVK's post. I am not into any sports activities, however, I feel strongly that these kind of activities should be encouraged and not nipped at the bud!

I think its time the elders in the association can think of forming sub-groups like say a sports committee, a cultural committee and likewise. We can have few youngsters and elders as well( whoever is interested and can devote some time for planning and arranging activities over the week-end or public holidays). This way there will be dedicated people to arrange the events and better communication as well. Lets not burden only a handful of enthusiasts with the responsibility of arranging each and every event and lend them a helping hand instead. 

Another idea can be each month we can ask a particular block (say D block for month of April) to arrange some activities. Representatives from that particular block will be responsible for hosting it, be it sports tournament or pot painting or may be an elocution or quiz for the kids.

These are mere ideas that I have acquired after living in a community like Mantri's (though its half the size of Mantri Synergy!) in Kolkata in my parental home. We celebrate all the festivals there and also hold several activities , atleast once a month. Also, many companies do come and have their road-show (for example the car companies or any FMCG company) where they host several competitions for the kids and elders as well while actually promoting their products. These road shows help the association to generate revenues which can be later on used in our community activities. I'm not suggesting that even we should function the same way here. It is always good to share the 'best practices' so I thought of sharing these with you.


  1. well there were things which had to be discussed with the core committee before people plan and also shreyas would not be able to host the badminton tournament just by himself , so there should have been a proper plan done before sticking up the postings in every block.
    so the badminton tourney is not completely removed but will be held in upcoming weeks....well i request everyone to please be patient...

    1. The point is he initiated it & conceived the idea which you, me & many others could not. It does not matter if it is hosted or not. Here is his direction in the right way for all of us to follow. He put us all on track. Removing posters is not right - Whoever did it, if it was done. Would we do this if the boy is from our own family ? Where is ONE FAMILY ?

  2. Point taken.Social activities are best conducted after consultation with relevant persons,if only to synergize our efforts. But then there is nothing in the book that says someone can't do, on his own, something good that furthers community spirit, so long as it doesn't conflict with the wider interests of the community.I didn't see any such conflict in organising a badminton tournament. What is significant here is that the initiative was taken by a spirited youngster.
    The issue raised by 'Anonymous' pertains to a schoolboy enthusiast sticking tournament announcement notices in every block without 'a proper plan'. But then the notice (published in this blog) was put up 3 weeks before the event, which,I believe, is time enough to do 'proper' planning.My sense is that objection to Shreyas' action was that he acted on his own.
    As his seniors, we ought to have taken a lenient view. The schoolboy with community spirits deserved encouragement, not a put-down by his seniors in the community.
    Removing the posters unceremoniously wasn't a nice thing to do, in the first place. Besides, those who did it ought to have put up another notice (in every block) explaining why the tournament had to be postponed or cancelled. Maintaining silence smacks of authoritative attitude that would not have been acceptable, even from association members who are duly elected by the Mantri community.
    Sorry, for such plain-speaking, which, I reckon, became necessary, in view of the justification given for the unceremonious cancellation,merely because the initiative for this community sports did not come from someone in the committee. Incidentally,I wish those leaving comments would refrain from taking cover under anonymity, in the interest of fair and a meaningful interaction.

  3. Couldn't agree more with GVK Uncle..
    Please be kind enough to post your names along with the comments you are writing. This is our own community forum!

    And as about the endeavor of Shreyas,he is just a kid and is probably unaware of the formalities. It is our duty to make him and other such enthusiastic individuals understand "The Process".However,in this case, the approach should have been more positive.

  4. We have received another comment from 'Anonymous'. As admin.of the blog,I feel it would be unfair to the rest of us, if I let the comment go without attribution. Maybe, the person who sent it forgot to put his/her name in the 'Sign-out' tab before hitting the 'Publish' button.

  5. It is really unfortunate and I am shocked that such a thing happened in our complex. So much for the community spirit!!!