Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A child-rearing book

"A desperately needed corrective to received wisdom about child-rearing and what having children is supposed to do to a woman's sense of self", says a review of the book - French Children Don't Throw Food, by Pamela Druckerman,a New Yorker,who has brought up her three young children in Paris with her British husband.
In her reckoning, the French way of bringing up children appears to have excellent results: children who sleep through the night at eight weeks; who don't throw temper tantrums in the park; who eat a varied and balanced diet; and who don't require constant attention from their parents. "Quietly and en masse," says Druckerman, "French parents are achieving outcomes that create a whole different atmosphere for family life."
French parents are laissez faire when it comes to play. They don't shadow their children in their playground, says Druckerman. Instead, they often stand on the side chatting to their friends while their children get on with it.
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