Sunday, October 2, 2011

Community planting, Oct.1

It was a wash-out, if you go by the turnout. But then I wouldn't rate the success/importance of tree-planting by counting heads to see who came, and who didn't,for the planting. No community effort involves the entire community.
Those actively associated with the Oct.1 community planting were there - Mr Nambiar, the first Mantri resident, Ezhumalai,Vishnu and Rajesh,working-students in whose names we planted saplings. We had the presence of PropCare Sivaram who made Saturday's event possible.
Security-man Maniratnam, studying for computer engineering diploma couldn't make it because he had an exam to write, and Aashik, our broadband/phoneline technician doing a certification course, was at work elsewhere.
Mr Ardhendu Chakraborti, grandpa of Aadit (remember Mantri's first-born ?) made his presence felt. The presence of Mr D Venkatesh (A block), who has yet to move in, gave us a flavour of the community spirit we hope to develop, here in Mantri Synergy. Mr Venkatesh, who was on a visit to Mantri's to see the work in progress at A block,stayed on after his work was done, to join us at the community-planting, despite the prospects of a 90-minute drive back home.
Mr Nambiar(G 001), who isn't given to socializing, made a rare community appearance in response to PropCare Sivaram's plea. We wanted him to plant a sapling, as the first resident to have moved into Mantri Synergy, in Feb.last.Mr. Nambiar,like many others, sold his house in the city to settle at the Mantri's. He was promised delivery of his flat in November last, and taking Mantri's on their word, Mr Nambiar had agreed to vacate his city house to the seller in December. He eventually moved in Feb.
We had the help of the gardening staff in digging holes, deep enough to be able to plant on soil with a clay layer. We also relied on Ezhumalai, Rajesh and Vishnu to run errands such as getting saplings from the nursery, and bringing water for planting.Ezhumalai, who is in charge of the maintenance staff is doing a specialization course in his field.
Rajesh, who is seen lending a hand to Ezhumalai in planting their sapling is pursuing a B.Sc course in computer science. So is Vishnu Kumar. He and his brother Manirathnam do night shifts at Mantri's. Their father works as a security supervisor at another construction site on OMR.
We - my wife and I - planted a couple of saplings to celebrate the start of Montessori school for our grandsons - Nikhi,3 plus,and Sidharth, nearly 6 - in California. Mr Chakraborti who recounted his experience in finding admission for his grandson made us feel blessed.He has already registered his three-month old Aadit for admission to school when he turns five. Such is the demand for admission in Chennai schools.

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