Sunday, October 16, 2011

Parking lot tree-planting

Monday,Oct.17, 4.30 pm
Visitors' parking lot

PropCare Sivaram has organized a community planting programme at Mantri Synergy visitors parking lot tomorrow (Monday). Six saplings would be planted, three each on either side of the parking lot. Mr Sivaram says the saplings, of badam species, have been chosen for providing the much-needed shade cover in the open parking lot.Young mothers waiting for children's school bus in the blistering mid-day sun would welcome the initiative.
Mantri residents, with PropCare support, have planted till date eight saplings under our community tree-planting programme. Our effort is to make community-planting a monthly feature. Early this month (Oct.1) we planted six neems to mark Gandhi Jayanti, and to celebrate young men on our security and maintenance staff who are pursuing higher studies.
The other three neems planted on Oct.1 were in celebration of the first Mantri resident, Mr Nambiar (he moved to Mantri's in February last); and, of my grandsons who started going to Montessori school in California. You don't need a cause or reason to plant trees, but it helps their nourishment and up-keep if we can relate a given sapling to a person or occasion.
At Mantri's we refer to a neem or shenbegum by their names - Aadit, NASA Srinivas, Nikhil, Sidharth, Nambiar, Vishnu, Ezhumalai etc.
I would suggest we plant a badam tomorrow to welcome in our midst migrant security workers who have had to leave their homes in Assam, Orissa or wherever to seek employment here with us. Another sapling can be dedicated to the security staff manning our main gate,night and day.

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