Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fumigation to combat mosquito

Every other day we have pest control people carrying out fumigation in the green space at Mantri's. It has been arranged by PropCare,presumably,in response to residents complaint about mosquito menace. Now that they have been doing this for the past couple of weeks, shouldn't PropCare conduct a survey among the 50 odd residents to find out if fumigation really helps combating mosquito?
My problem with fumigation is that the toxic fume it throws up could harm bees and insects, some of which help vegetation and enrich the soil.I am not sure if fumigation keeps mosquito away, but it has triggered an influx of insects into our 9th floor flat in D block.
I wonder if those who prescribed fumigation thought of insects influx in its wake.We mopped up our living room floor for this photo, which was taken within an hour of fumigation last evening. They do this four times a week.
The cost? Though no official figure is available from Mantri's,it is reckoned that fumigation at Mantri's four times a weeks would cost around Rs.25,000 a month. And the money has to come from our maintenance deposit.


  1. Fumigation is a must.Otherwise,during October to March, we will have mosquito problem. When mosquitoes are targeted some other insects also will die. This is unavoidable. Now Mantri has already collected one year bulk maintenance charges from us and they are now spending from that money. Let them do it. When management comes to the hands of Association, we can decide about the frequency. Certainly not now. If it is not done, nobody can sit in the garden or play at the outdoor slot. We have not paid any maintence deposit as a corpus fund. What has been collected from us is only maintenance charges for first 12 months since the date of our occupation and Propcare is spending from that only. So if the frequency is reduced for the sake of saving money, it will only benefit Mantri management.

  2. As a matter of principle I wish we refrained from resorting to anonymity. An anonymous comment doesn't carry the same weight as the one that is attributable.