Saturday, October 8, 2011

How about tulsi, Mr.James ?

This space behind A/B block,in front of the clubhouse,is being readied for landscaping. And before they do the planting on this patch, I would appreciate if our landscape architect, Mr Sekar James, could consider planting tulsi as a hedge plant.
Tulsi is found, nay, worshiped, in most households. We had potted tulsi at our third-floor apartment in Mysore. Besides its use for religious rituals, tulsi has medicinal value. My poser to our landscape architect is: Why not tulsi, Mr James?
Whenever we raise issues pertaining to resident-friendly use of common space - planting shade-giving trees by the side of visitor's parking lot, on the front lawns and along the driveway leading to I Block, and re-locating children's play area - Mantri's on-site managers stonewall us by citing landscape architect.
We are sure Mr James is not averse to accommodating residents' request/requirement. Our community-planting programme, Mr James, requires allocation of adequate space for planting about 100 trees in our common area over the next year or so. This is a small number, considering that Mantri Synergy would account for over 1,500 air-conditioners when all the 700 plus flats are occupied. I understand your constraints, Mr James. I read in newspaper that high-rise apartment buildings should leave as open space at least 70 percent of land.I wonder if Mantri's have followed this rule.
And then there is OSR, the open space reserved for greening. Would anyone know where this might be ?

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